What’s in a Name?

10 months ago Heritage

Naming vehicles isn’t something new – no, in fact, a lot of enthusiasts name their vehicle. We’ve heard a lot of interesting names over the years ranging from Betty to Black Beauty to more famous racecar names such as Blackbird and California Flash, but this one has a nice ring to it. Meet Frankencuda! Our friends at Street Muscle magazine describe Frankencuda as “The ultimate toy for the kid in all of us” and we couldn’t agree more.

Chris Britton’s love affair with muscle cars started out like most: die cast and Hot Wheels versions of the ultimate dream car we were positive we would own once we were graced with a driver’s license. Reality hit most of us when we turned 16 and realized the price of such a badass muscle car was a bit out of reach. However, the dream didn’t die for Chris and he made it his mission to own a 1970 Plymouth ’Cuda to which he named Frankencuda. Check out Chris’ dream turned reality and let us know what you think.



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