How-To: Change Your Fuel Injectors

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Keeping your fuel injectors working properly is critical for your vehicle’s performance and day-to-day operation. Check out our new video demonstrating how to replace them when needed:

Tool list:

  • Impact drill or ratchet with an extension
  • T30 Torx
  • A pick
  • Lubricant
  • A rag
  • New fuel injectors

First off, you want to make sure your motor and engine bay are completely cooled off before attempting to start any work! It is a potential fire hazard if any fuel were to leak and ignite.

Now that you’re ready to get started, go ahead and remove the protective coverings. They just pop right out of place. You should now see the two bolts that you need to remove for the fuel rail to get access to the fuel injectors.

There are four injectors on each side that have little red safeties attached to the connectors. Take your pick tool and simply slide them back until they click. At this point, you’ll be able to pinch the sides of the connector and pull it off.

Next, take your T30 Torx and take the two bolts out of the fuel rail. Use your impact drill or ratchet with an extension to do this. Then, grab the front of the fuel rail and pop it up, giving you access to all the injectors. Again, some fuel might leak out. But that’s okay, because you took the time to make sure everything was cooled already!

On every injector, there is a small square safety. Take your pick or a flathead screwdriver to pull it back and remove it. Careful not to drop it! Then take your rag and place it under the rear injector to soak up any fuel. Lift up the fuel rail toward the rag and pull the rear injector out.

Once you have all the injectors out, you want to take your lubricant and apply it to the top and bottom O-rings so you can put them back into the fuel rail without them tearing. To put them back in, you just want to gently rock them back and forth in a slight circular motion until it easily slides back into place. Do not try to force them in head on, because they will tear.

On the injector, you will see the red safety we worked with before. Right above that, there is a little black space; and then slightly further up, there is a black slot. That slot is where you want to slide the safety clip you removed before when you get it back onto the fuel rail. You want to slide the clip onto where the little slot is just below the base. Now, do the same thing for the rest of the injectors and remove the rag you placed under the rear one.

Line your four injectors up with the ports below in the bottom of the supercharger and wiggle the injector seals (the bottom O-rings) until they slide into place. At this point, the brackets above should sit flush against the mounting points. You can then put the bolts back in and put the connectors back on, followed by pushing the red safety clips back into position, locking everything into place.

Once you put all the injectors back in, on both sides, turn the ignition on (without starting the car) to prime the fuel pumps. This step is so you can make sure that you can see if there are any leaks from the new fuel injectors you just installed. When everything looks good, put the covers back into place and the job is done!



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