Hagerty Said What We Already Know

6 years ago Showcase

According to Hagerty – a global company specializing in products and insurance for people who love cars – 10 vehicles in the 2018 production model year are most likely to appeal to driving enthusiasts now and stand out as highly collectible 30 years down the road.

“We look for vehicles that push boundaries and beg to be driven,” says McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty. “These cars meet that test. It’s one of the best years for future classics in years, proving interest in performance driving is as strong as ever.”

In order to be eligible for the “Hagerty Hot List,” vehicles must be produced within the 2018 model year and have an MSRP of less than $100,000.

According to Hagerty, one vehicle that belongs on that list? You guessed it: “Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon ($85,000) – 840 horsepower factory-built drag-race car with modern technology that helps you launch and grip at the drag strip. Enough said.”

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