SRT® Hellcat Miata Sold

5 years ago Showcase

Hellkitty Gone!

Dodge was just at the final Barrett-Jackson auction of the year at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. What was really unique is that everything was sold at No Reserve, meaning every auction was sold, a 100% sell rate!

vehicle engine

And one of the most unique vehicles up for auction is one you have probably heard about: Hellkitty. In fact, I did a story around SRT® Hellcat Swaps that featured it a while ago. I finally got to see this beast in person, and while Karr (from the original story) wasn’t in town, I got to meet Michael Kelly, who did a large portion of the work. So how did the crowd at Barrett-Jackson react to this thing? “The car always had people around it. When we fired it up to move it, the car was swarmed!” Michael mentions that “Blake Powers (of Aircraft Parts Store) has done SO much to help this project happen” and it has been followed by tens of thousands of fans online.

Hellcat Miata

As we were setting up our #DodgeThrillRides course, the car was out in public and I can attest to the rockstar status it had: with that huge SRT Hellcat engine popping out of its hood, everyone came to see it, including Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson, who got to drive it! 

Crossing the block, bidding went up quickly and wound up at $36,300. While I didn’t have the nerve to ask Michael (or Blake or Karr) how much they had invested in the car, I’m betting the sale price was a decent deal for both parties. With all the custom work involved, this clearly is one of those “You couldn’t build it for that”-type situations. 

vehicle engine

I asked Michael about future plans for the car. “The new owner is having us ship it to him and possibly changing a few things on it,” he said. I would not be surprised if we see the Hellkitty cross an auction block again in the future. A small car with this much power simply can’t be held down! 



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