Behind Victory & Defeat

The drivers at Don Schumacher Racing are a humble group. The first thing they’re likely to do in interviews is thank the people who back them day in and day out – their crew members. From late nights at the shop prepping for a cross-country trip to pre-run words of encouragement, they’re the heart of the team. We’ve had a lot of interaction with the DSR drivers, and now it’s the crew members working hard behind the scenes that got us spinning our own wheels in wonder. Who are these racing geniuses? What’s their background? What road did they take to get to where they are now? Was it always their dream to work on a professional racing team, or did they start walking a different path that somehow landed them a job working with one of the most accomplished race teams? We have the inside scoop on all of it from five different DSR crew members. Buckle up and follow their journeys as we close out the exciting 2020 NHRA race season and prepare for 2021.