Stars Across the Desert

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We all love a good road trip and this one is going to be amazing! When you mix car enthusiasts with veterans and put them into high-performance Dodge vehicles for a road trip from Bondurant to SEMA, shenanigans are sure to happen.

The Bondurant High Performance Driving School has teamed up with car celebrities and veterans to raise money for the Gary Sinise Foundation in an epic road trip to SEMA.

On Sunday, November 3, the event kicks off as multiple veterans, first responders and celebrities take the wheel of the latest high-performance Dodge SRT® vehicles for a day of fun and competitive activities on the Bondurant track. Spectators and fans can check out the latest and greatest products from Dodge SRT, watch high-performance driving and get a chance to get up close and personal with racers, instructors, featured celebrities and, of course, our defenders – the true stars of the show.

On Monday, November 4, The Stars Across the Desert Gary Sinise Foundation Hero Drive takes off from the Bondurant Event Center with sponsors, media and auto enthusiasts on hand to salute and support participants as they embark on this amazing fundraising journey. On the Hero Drive’s way to SEMA, the country’s premier auto show, drivers will make multiple pit stops with surprises along the way. Five hours later, the group will make its grand entrance in Las Vegas.

All proceeds from this unique event benefit the Gary Sinise Foundation, which honors and supports our country’s defenders. Donations can be made by visiting

Join in the fun and show support for U.S. heroes by:

  • Dropping by the track to meet and greet celebrities and pay respect to those who have served
  • Making a donation to the Gary Sinise Foundation – donate now
  • Joining the convoy to take part in a historic caravan that represents Americana in every way
  • Tracking the drivers’ progress across the desert by following stories from the road and stops along the way via social media and live feeds

However you choose to participate, you’ll be joining this dedicated group of supporters:

Buckle up, it’s about to get real!



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