Sick Week Drag Race Profile: Rick Trunkett

10 months ago Racing

Sick Stats

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio metro area
Vehicle: 1972 Plymouth Duster
Color: Amber Sherwood
Engine: 443 Cl Small Block
Tires: 275/60-15 Pro Radial
Chassis: 7.5
Personal Best: 7.87 at 180 mph

How did you choose the vehicle you are racing with?

I bleed Mopar® blue and own several other vehicles. But this was my first, purchased when I was 15 years old. It has been a long-term project of mine, and I’m always upgrading it. It has been everywhere with me, so it has to go to Florida.

What makes your vehicle “sick”?

I’m pretty sure I have the fastest factory suspension Mopar in the country.

What excites you about Sick Week?

The adventure that we’re going to be on, filled with sleepless nights and long drives.

What will your journey to Florida be like?
My copilot, Jimmy, and I will be leaving Friday morning, after this big snowstorm is over. We’ll be making the 21-hour drive straight through.

We’ll then be driving straight back home, no detours along the way, as we both must get back to our day jobs. I expect to return to a large Amazon bill and stack of empty boxes after leaving my wife and kids for almost a week.

Have you participated in any other racing events like this?

I did Drag Week last year but didn’t finish due to an engine failure. But in the 2016 race, I had the fastest Mopar there. I’ve also done Roadkill Nights, NMCA True Street, Midwest Drags and most local Mopar races along the east coast.

What makes you a good drag racer?

I’m pretty resilient. I race, fix, repeat and don’t stop. I don’t get discouraged when there are failures.

Who is your drag race inspiration?

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits. He is 90 years old, and a true icon. We are very excited to visit his museum in Ocala, which is one of the Sick Week stops.

What are you passionate about outside of racing?

My wife and twin 6-month-old boys. I also enjoy boating on Lake Eerie since we are only 20 miles from the water.



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