Demon Diaries – Part 2

4 years ago Showcase Video

On this, Episode 2 of The Demon Diaries, we dive headfirst into the best $1 option that’s ever been offered on a production car – The Demon Crate.

Anyone who has ever been drag racing knows that aside from your vehicle that it takes tools and equipment to help you go fast. To make this easier for Demon owners Dodge has put together the Demon Crate, a big black box of go-fast goodies that includes everything the serious drag racer needs to help them hammer down the 1/4-mile. Need a torque wrench? No problem. How about an impact gun or 1.5-ton floor jack? Yup, that’s covered to. In short, this is the most comprehensive production drag pack system that’s ever been offered from an OEM and truth-be-told, it’s glorious!



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