Demon Diaries – Part 3

6 years ago Showcase Video

The 2018 Dodge Demon has a host of trick technology under the hood. From the TransBrake (first of it’s kind for a production car), to the Chiller (a system that reroutes the freon from the A/C to cool the supercharger), to the fact that it’ll run the 1/4-mile in less than 10-seconds. This car is truly an amazing machine.

Episode 3 of The Demon Diaries takes us to Orlando Speedworld with SRT Demon Development Engineer, Jim Wilder for some one-on-one instruction on how to launch the 2018 Dodge Demon down the 1/4-mile. Here we not only go through all of the Demon’s launch modes and controls, but we give you step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your Demon when you’re at the strip.



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