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2020: Racing The Unknown

The sport of drag racing is always full of uncertainty. But this year, the "uncertain" became the "unknown."

Mopar Dodge//SRT-Sponsored Entries Sport Sinister New SRT Hellcat Redeye Paint Schemes at NHRA Summernationals

Leah Pruett's SRT Top Fuel Dragster is sporting a new “Demon-possessed” SRT Hellcat Redeye paint scheme.

NHRA at Home with Tommy Johnson Jr. - Home Improvement

What is Tommy’s philosophy on home improvements? If you're going to be at home, make it look good!

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - TransBrake

Activating the TransBrake in your vehicle is the first step to a great pass on the strip. Here's how you do it.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - SRT Drive Mode Setup

Learn how to customize the settings of your performance vehicle before your next drag race.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - Performance Driving Training

Anticipating your next move is the key to performance driving.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - Line Lock and Burnout

A visit to the wet box is the first step in preparing to launch down the drag strip.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - Super Track Pak Setup

Consistently solid launches take a lot of practice, and start with Line Lock and TransBrake settings.

NHRA at Home: Tommy Johnson Jr.

Drag racing isn't Tommy Johnson Jr.'s only talent. Check out some of his latest home projects!

NHRA at Home: Matt Hagan - Epic Blowup

What happens when energy escapes from a Funny Car engine? Matt Hagan explains one of his craziest blowups.

NHRA at Home: Matt Hagan

This definitely isn’t a hobby farm! 2,700 acres and 1,400 cattle keep Matt busy at home.

NHRA at Home: Ron Capps

We’re seriously jealous of Ron’s sweet garage setup.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant – Preview

How-tos from Bondurant High Performance Driving School coming soon!

Dodge Thrill Rides: The Tires

Thrill ride tires - before and after.

Dodge Thrill Rides: Coming to a city near you

Come hangout and check out the Dodge thrill rides!

2019 Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge

Drag racing, thrill rides, show + shine, burnout competition and so much more.

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors: Seth

Seth learned the word "Mopar" before most. Now, he's putting the spirit of the brand into action at the track.

Weekend Warriors: Dale

Dale knew he had to have the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Now, he’s running the third-fastest in the world.

Weekend Warriors: Champ

Champ has taken his first-ever pass down a drag strip. Now, he’s setting his racing goals for the future.

Weekend Warriors: Laura

The desire to go fast is in Laura’s DNA, and so is the desire to learn new tips and gain new friends at NMCA.

Weekend Warriors: Charlie

Charlie loved getting behind the wheel of his Dodge vehicle and he’s re-vamped it with a new graphics package.

Weekend Warriors: Kristena

Kristena really got into drag racing in her teens. Now, she’s a member of a car club and making passes at NMCA races.

Weekend Warriors: Robert

Robert has always been a Dodge car owner, but never got the chance to race…until now!

Weekend Warriors: Tim

As Tim got further into his love of vehicles and racing, he's seen that constantly learning is more important than always winning.

Weekend Warriors: Dave

Dave was raised on muscle cars and he hasn’t strayed from the enthusiast community.

Weekend Warriors: Roosevelt

Roosevelt vowed to get a car in the future that would dominate the drag racing scene – and he did.

Weekend Warriors: Lindsay

Lindsay got behind the wheel for the first time and fell in love with the sport. She’s just getting started!

Weekend Warriors: Dan Sr.

Dan Sr.’s love for cars started early in life. His vehicle has changed over the years, but his spirit hasn’t.

Weekend Warriors: Dan Jr.

Dan Jr. has always had a need to go fast. Aiming for his personal best, he hits up every NMCA race he can!

Weekend Warriors: Chad

Chad was hooked on racing after he first visited the track. He’s one of the few banging gears in a manual!

Weekend Warriors: Trevor

Trevor purchased his dream car, got behind the wheel for the first time at the track and the rest is history.

Weekend Warriors: Tony

The smell of burning rubber, the rush of adrenaline and the friendships have Anthony hooked on drag racing.

Weekend Warriors: Mark

Mark is a self-proclaimed speed junkie. After some friends took him to a drag strip to race, he was in love.

Weekend Warriors: Joe

Bonding with his dad in the garage sparked Joe’s passion for cars. He’s now the proud owner of one badass ride.

Weekend Warriors: Jessica

Jessica loves her car so much, she parked her Italian racing bike and went full-on performance racing cars.

Weekend Warriors: Wade

Wade not only likes the thrill of racing but also the camaraderie within the Dodge enthusiast community.

Weekend Warriors: Marty

Marty proves it’s never too late to develop a passion for muscle cars and get involved in drag racing!

Weekend Warriors: James

James saw his dream car at an auction and knew it could be both his daily driver and a beast on the drag strip!

Weekend Warriors: Matt

Matt’s love for racing muscle was passed down from his dad. When he’s not at the track, he’s at his garage!

Weekend Warriors: Chuck

A lifelong Dodge fan, Chuck has been racing these badass muscle machines since he was old enough to drive.

Weekend Warriors: The Smiths

Drag racing runs in the family. Check out this father-son racing duo!

The Rundown

The Rundown: Jack Beckman - NHRA Gatornationals

From his first race DNQ to his first win, Jack Beckman is looking for his next trophy at Gainesville.

The Rundown: Jack Beckman - NHRA US Nationals

Like all drivers, Jack Beckman isn't content with winning the NHRA US Nationals just once.

The Rundown: Matt Hagan - Arizona Nationals

With the track resurfaced, will Matt repeat the win lights this year?

The Rundown: Leah Pritchett - Winternationals

Leah Pritchett previews the first race of the 2020 drag racing season.

Chasing the Title

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Leah Pritchett - Perfection

Leah Pritchett knows it takes relentless focus for the team to achieve perfection.

Chasing the Title: Season 2 - Trailer

Season 2 goes behind the scenes with Don Schumacher Racing.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Matt Hagan - The Mind Game

Matt Hagan focuses on training his mind to be prepared for every opportunity.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Jack Beckman - The Roots

Jack Beckman: driver, historian and fan.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Mike Rossey + Eric Cunningham - SRT Drag Pak Support

The progression of the Drag Pak.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Mike Lewis - Puzzles

Adapt your thinking to turn the individual pieces into the big picture.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Allen Johnson + Geoff Turk - Factory Stock

Factory Stock drivers talk tuning.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Tony Schumacher - Trophies

The trophies you've really earned are the ones that shine.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Ron Capps - Don vs. Don

Ron Capps has worked with both of drag racing's infamous Dons - Prudhomme and Schumacher.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: A Lesson on Winning

The name of the game is consistency.

Chasing the Title: Season 1: Leah Pritchett

Behind the scenes with Leah Pritchett and TF4.

Chasing the Title: Season 1: Don Schumacher / DSR

Behind the scenes with Don Schumacher.

Chasing the Title: Season 1: The Crew

Behind the scenes with the TF4 crew.