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How-To: Change Your Fuel Injectors

We get asked this a lot! SRTMush shows you exactly how to change your fuel injectors

Fast & Curious: How Often Do You Service the Vehicles?

Ever wonder how often the vehicles get serviced? The pro Dodge Thrill Ride drivers have the answer!

Fast & Curious: How Many Tires Do You Go Through?

Ever wonder how many tires the pro Dodge Thrill Ride drivers go through? There's a math equation for that!

How To: Rotate Your Tires

We get asked this a lot! SRTMush shows you exactly how to rotate your tires

Fast & Curious: Are the Vehicles Factory Stock?

Ever wonder if the Dodge Thrill Ride vehicles are factory stock? The pro drivers have the answer!

Fast & Curious: What Traction Settings are the Drivers Running on the Course?

Ever wonder what traction settings the pro Dodge Thrill Ride drivers use? They've got the answer!

How To: Change A Wiper Blade

We get asked this a lot! SRTMush shows you exactly how to change your wiper blades

How To: Change A Key Fob Battery

We get asked this a lot! SRTMush shows you exactly how to change your Dodge key fob battery.

Fast & Curious: What is a Dodge Thrill Ride?

Ever wonder what a Dodge Thrill Ride is all about? The pro drivers will tell you - but you really need to experience it in person!

Fast & Curious: What is a Dodge Power Party?

Ever wonder what a Dodge Power Party is all about? The pro Dodge Thrill Ride drivers have the answer!

Ride Along with Chief James Craig

Detroit Chief of Police James Craig shares how his deep-rooted love for muscle cars helps keep the streets safe.

2020 NHRA Season Sweep

The 2020 NHRA season is in the books for DSR, but the celebration continues. Congrats to the teams!

Dodge Power Party

You’re Invited! See how you can attend the next exclusive Dodge Power Party.

2020 NHRA Funny Car World Champs

Congrats DSR, Matt Hagan and Team - the 2020 NHRA Funny Car World Champs!

2020: Racing The Unknown

The sport of drag racing is always full of uncertainty. But this year, the "uncertain" became the "unknown."

Mopar Dodge//SRT-Sponsored Entries Sport Sinister New SRT Hellcat Redeye Paint Schemes at NHRA Summernationals

Leah Pruett's SRT Top Fuel Dragster is sporting a new “Demon-possessed” SRT Hellcat Redeye paint scheme.

NHRA at Home with Tommy Johnson Jr. - Home Improvement

What is Tommy’s philosophy on home improvements? If you're going to be at home, make it look good!

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - TransBrake

Activating the TransBrake in your vehicle is the first step to a great pass on the strip. Here's how you do it.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - SRT Drive Mode Setup

Learn how to customize the settings of your performance vehicle before your next drag race.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - Performance Driving Training

Anticipating your next move is the key to performance driving.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - Line Lock and Burnout

A visit to the wet box is the first step in preparing to launch down the drag strip.

Driving Dodge: Bondurant - Super Track Pak Setup

Consistently solid launches take a lot of practice, and start with Line Lock and TransBrake settings.

NHRA at Home: Tommy Johnson Jr.

Drag racing isn't Tommy Johnson Jr.'s only talent. Check out some of his latest home projects!

NHRA at Home: Matt Hagan - Epic Blowup

What happens when energy escapes from a Funny Car engine? Matt Hagan explains one of his craziest blowups.

NHRA at Home: Matt Hagan

This definitely isn’t a hobby farm! 2,700 acres and 1,400 cattle keep Matt busy at home.

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors: Seth

Seth learned the word "Mopar" before most. Now, he's putting the spirit of the brand into action at the track.

Weekend Warriors: Dale

Dale knew he had to have the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Now, he’s running the third-fastest in the world.

Weekend Warriors: Champ

Champ has taken his first-ever pass down a drag strip. Now, he’s setting his racing goals for the future.

Weekend Warriors: Laura

The desire to go fast is in Laura’s DNA, and so is the desire to learn new tips and gain new friends at NMCA.

Weekend Warriors: Charlie

Charlie loved getting behind the wheel of his Dodge vehicle and he’s re-vamped it with a new graphics package.

Weekend Warriors: Kristena

Kristena really got into drag racing in her teens. Now, she’s a member of a car club and making passes at NMCA races.

Weekend Warriors: Robert

Robert has always been a Dodge car owner, but never got the chance to race…until now!

Weekend Warriors: Tim

As Tim got further into his love of vehicles and racing, he's seen that constantly learning is more important than always winning.

Weekend Warriors: Dave

Dave was raised on muscle cars and he hasn’t strayed from the enthusiast community.

Weekend Warriors: Roosevelt

Roosevelt vowed to get a car in the future that would dominate the drag racing scene – and he did.

Weekend Warriors: Lindsay

Lindsay got behind the wheel for the first time and fell in love with the sport. She’s just getting started!

Weekend Warriors: Dan Sr.

Dan Sr.’s love for cars started early in life. His vehicle has changed over the years, but his spirit hasn’t.

Weekend Warriors: Dan Jr.

Dan Jr. has always had a need to go fast. Aiming for his personal best, he hits up every NMCA race he can!

Weekend Warriors: Chad

Chad was hooked on racing after he first visited the track. He’s one of the few banging gears in a manual!

Weekend Warriors: Trevor

Trevor purchased his dream car, got behind the wheel for the first time at the track and the rest is history.

Weekend Warriors: Tony

The smell of burning rubber, the rush of adrenaline and the friendships have Anthony hooked on drag racing.

Weekend Warriors: Mark

Mark is a self-proclaimed speed junkie. After some friends took him to a drag strip to race, he was in love.

Weekend Warriors: Joe

Bonding with his dad in the garage sparked Joe’s passion for cars. He’s now the proud owner of one badass ride.

Weekend Warriors: Jessica

Jessica loves her car so much, she parked her Italian racing bike and went full-on performance racing cars.

Weekend Warriors: Wade

Wade not only likes the thrill of racing but also the camaraderie within the Dodge enthusiast community.

Weekend Warriors: Marty

Marty proves it’s never too late to develop a passion for muscle cars and get involved in drag racing!

Weekend Warriors: James

James saw his dream car at an auction and knew it could be both his daily driver and a beast on the drag strip!

Weekend Warriors: Matt

Matt’s love for racing muscle was passed down from his dad. When he’s not at the track, he’s at his garage!

Weekend Warriors: Chuck

A lifelong Dodge fan, Chuck has been racing these badass muscle machines since he was old enough to drive.

Weekend Warriors: The Smiths

Drag racing runs in the family. Check out this father-son racing duo!

The Rundown

The Rundown: Jack Beckman - NHRA Gatornationals

From his first race DNQ to his first win, Jack Beckman is looking for his next trophy at Gainesville.

The Rundown: Jack Beckman - NHRA US Nationals

Like all drivers, Jack Beckman isn't content with winning the NHRA US Nationals just once.

The Rundown: Matt Hagan - Arizona Nationals

With the track resurfaced, will Matt repeat the win lights this year?

The Rundown: Leah Pritchett - Winternationals

Leah Pritchett previews the first race of the 2020 drag racing season.

Chasing the Title

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Leah Pritchett - Perfection

Leah Pritchett knows it takes relentless focus for the team to achieve perfection.

Chasing the Title: Season 2 - Trailer

Season 2 goes behind the scenes with Don Schumacher Racing.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Matt Hagan - The Mind Game

Matt Hagan focuses on training his mind to be prepared for every opportunity.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Jack Beckman - The Roots

Jack Beckman: driver, historian and fan.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Mike Rossey + Eric Cunningham - SRT Drag Pak Support

The progression of the Drag Pak.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Mike Lewis - Puzzles

Adapt your thinking to turn the individual pieces into the big picture.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Allen Johnson + Geoff Turk - Factory Stock

Factory Stock drivers talk tuning.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Tony Schumacher - Trophies

The trophies you've really earned are the ones that shine.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: Ron Capps - Don vs. Don

Ron Capps has worked with both of drag racing's infamous Dons - Prudhomme and Schumacher.

Chasing the Title: Season 2: A Lesson on Winning

The name of the game is consistency.

Chasing the Title: Season 1: Leah Pritchett

Behind the scenes with Leah Pritchett and TF4.

Chasing the Title: Season 1: Don Schumacher / DSR

Behind the scenes with Don Schumacher.

Chasing the Title: Season 1: The Crew

Behind the scenes with the TF4 crew.