Muscle Car Rescue Mission

2 years ago Showcase Video

Not every hero wears a cape. A YouTube account based out of North Carolina dedicates their time to rescuing abandoned vehicles. Calling themselves The Poor Guys, their motto is “Let ‘em rip, not rot”. Documenting the process on their channel, they recently hauled out a couple of our favorite classics. First up is a 1972 Plymouth Satellite that was left in a small compartment of an old barn and is almost entirely stripped. Coats of primer hint at a prior restoration attempt and a large hole where the scoop housing once sat immediately catches your eye. Next, a 1973 Charger left out to rust beside the remains of the barn. The Charger has a couple of key elements still intact, including what looks like the original engine block and transmission under the hood. The owner of the land just wanted the vehicles gone after selling the lot, so The Poor Guys showed up armed with flat-bed trucks, low-loaders and winches. Watch below for a recap and find out how much these “projects” will cost you here.



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