Day Two: Vintage Muscle Still Rules at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

3 years ago Events Gallery

The 2020 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals is in high-gear as thousands of spectators and participants are safely in attendance at one of the biggest Mopar® car shows in the country. For many enthusiasts, this is the first time this year they’ve had a chance to show off their prized Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars, while hanging out with like-minded folks that share the same high-octane passion.

While the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals brings together the largest variety of show cars, it’s still the vintage muscle that attendees really get excited about. Maybe it evokes a part of their youth when times might have been simpler, and 100-octane gas was under a buck a gallon and available at virtually any corner station. Every car and its owner have a unique story to tell, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do each of them justice. So instead, we cruised the massive fairgrounds to capture pics of old-school rides to share with you. Here’s a photo gallery that will transport you back to the time when life might have moved a little slower, but having the fastest car in the high school parking lot meant everything!



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