You Want It, Mecum’s Got It

2 years ago Events Gallery

Mecum Auctions in Kissimmee, Florida, was just as good of an opening event for auction season as we all hoped it would be! Cars of different colors, models and years graced Osceola Heritage Park, but let’s be honest, we only had our eyes on the Dodge and Plymouth Brand vehicles. We thought you might feel the same way, so we took a picture of every one we could find to share with you!

But we weren’t just there to take pictures and look pretty. No, as always, we came equipped with the ultimate enthusiast experience via the #DodgeThrillRides and the Dodge Power Party. And don’t worry if you were fashionably late to either of these events, or not able to attend at all. Because the excitement will continue ALL. YEAR. LONG! Check out our current Q1 appearances and don’t forget to check back as we keep adding more! If you want to be extra sure you can secure a spot to two of the wildest opportunities the auto-world has to offer, sign up to be a member right here on DodgeGarage and get your invitation delivered right to your email.



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