Mecum Indy Preview: Race Legends

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These vehicles are just as impressive off the track as they were when they were running laps. Because once a racer, always a racer. It’s almost like they have a personality – a certain pizzazz and edge that your average muscle car doesn’t necessarily have. These race legends are not the same, but they do have something in common — they’re all going to be at Mecum Indy!

Lot F186: 1969 Dodge HEMI® Daytona Race Car

1969 Dodge HEMI Daytona Race Car

We’re sure you can tell by looking at it, but this 1969 Dodge HEMI Daytona is a main attraction. It’s the first car to officially pass 200mph on a closed course circuit and that’s made it go down in history. It’s got quite the long list of stats, legendary drivers and, of course, loads of track-time. Its heritage is not only unique, but highly impressive. So you’re not going to want to miss it cross the block!

Lot F187: 2001 Dodge Intrepid Race Car

2001 Dodge Intrepid Race Car

Do you have a certain type of vehicle that you picture whenever you hear the words “race car”? Because for us, this is it! It’s got that sharp, red-hot look and sleek body that is capable of reaching some serious speeds. So much speed that it’s earned itself several high pole positions during its racing career.

Lot S248: 1965 Plymouth Belvedere A990 Lightweight

1965 Plymouth Belvedere A990 Lightweight

Now this 1965 Plymouth Belvedere A990 Lightweight is a classic. It has that grassroots vibe and we’re bummed we weren’t at all the races this vehicle participated in. Particularly the one where it became the first and only 4-speed car to win a World Championship. And while we weren’t able to see it cross the finish line, we’re pumped to watch it cross the auction block!



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