Dragging and Drifting – Holley MoParty Kicks Off Going Wide Open!

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The second annual Holley MoParty kicked off going full throttle today as the staging lanes at Beech Bend Raceway were packed with all forms of Mopar® muscle. With HEMI® V8 powered machines in all shapes and sizes along with their Wedge counterparts, it was a party of old and new school muscle mixing it up on the drag strip. Scat Packs, SRT® Hellcats, SRT Hellcat Redeyes and SRT Demons represented the modern era as they shared the track with some iconic vehicles from Mopar’s illustrious past. The roaring engines of both generations of muscle machines shattered the morning calm usually found around the lush, green, rolling hills of central Kentucky. For the folks that also like to turn left and right while throwing their cars into curves, the autocross track also saw plenty of action. If you missed today’s “Celebration of Anything & Everything MoPowered™, DodgeGarage has you covered. Check out our awesome photo gallery of drag racing and auto crossing from the opening day of the 2021 Holley MoParty event!



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