Looking Under the Hood at Holley MoParty

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The engines that motivate muscular Mopar® machines come in all shapes and sizes, and during the annual Holley MoParty event, we had a chance to peek under the hoods of some mighty fine and rare automobiles spanning over 50 years of street and strip dominance. We found everything from old- and new-school HEMI® V8 powerplants to the venerable 340- and 440-cubic-inch Wedge engines that gave young buyers during the 1960s and early ’70s their first taste of performance when they stabbed the throttle and found their backside firmly planted in those slippery vinyl front seats. It was a life-changing moment, like a first-time kiss but with the smell of breath mints and lip gloss replaced by the odor of burning rubber from shredding tires as the carburetors gulped down mass quantities of air and swirled it with high-octane gasoline. Or today, the unmistakable howl of an SRT® Hellcat or SRT Hellcat Redeye supercharger that sounds like a banshee announcing the impending doom of the competitor lined up in the next lane. Check out our awesome photo gallery of iconic engines at the 2021 Holley MoParty event and tell us what motivates your Mopar vehicle!



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