Remembering the First Car “Exclusively for Women”

9 months ago Gallery Heritage

The United States welcomed an economic boom in the early 1950s post-war, and the car industry was in full swing exploring every avenue for revenue. So as women began to expand their image beyond the “’50s housewife”, Detroit automakers saw the potential for a new market. In 1954, Mopar® unveiled two new concept cars: the Le Comte and La Comtesse. A positive reaction to the La Comtesse, which was painted pink, lead to a greenlight for the project, which was quickly handed over to Dodge. Branded “the first car ever exclusively designed for the woman motorist,” the La Femme debuted for the 1955 model year. It didn’t just include several hues of pink and dashes of gold – it also came with matching accessories that had their own storage compartment inside the vehicle. It’s no surprise that not a single woman was actually involved with the design process, but did the La Femme have a successful run? Find out here.



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