How to Tune Up a 6.1L HEMI® Engine

3 years ago How-To Video

Over the years of engaging with Mopar® vehicle owners across the world, we have seen vehicles in a variety of conditions. Getting the most mileage out of your Mopar vehicle all comes down to proper care and maintenance. If you take care of it, it will take care of you!

Changing your engine oil and oil filter is the most common maintenance procedure. What most owners don’t realize is that the manufacturer suggests additional maintenance at specific milestones.

We put together a series of maintenance and common repairs on 6.1L HEMI® engines. In this video, SRTaddicts will show you how to perform a basic tune-up. SRTaddicts recommends inspecting and replacing your spark plugs every 30,000 miles. Be sure to inspect them before replacing them because the wear on your spark plugs could signal other issues that may need attention, or offer reassurance when they have worn out properly.

There can be multiple ways of performing vehicle service along with additional industry tips and tricks. In this video, SRTaddicts will show you how to replace all 16 spark plugs and 8 ignition coils. To keep the procedure as simple as possible, we stuck to the basics.

OEM Ignition Coil Part # 68238603AA
OEM Spark Plug Part # SPLZTR5A13



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