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Charles Schultz’s ’73 Duster Finally Comes Full Circle

Back in 1980, when Charles Schultz built his first 1973 Duster, he never imagined selling it. But then, as Schultz put it, “Life happened.” And speed, power and performance took a backseat to the priorities of marriage, kids and daily responsibilities.

Until 2016.

That’s when Schultz came across a 1973 Duster, complete with 100,000 miles, a blown engine and its share of bumps and bruises. “I was up for a restoration challenge,” said Schultz, “and ready to make this car a racecar.”

After almost 40 years since selling his original 1973 Duster, and with significantly fewer daily responsibilities, Schultz didn’t hesitate to buy the car, trailer it home and get to work. He’s spent months in his garage installing a Mopar® Performance Racing suspension system, engine and transmission into the all O.E. body and interior.

Says Sandy Schultz, Charles’ patient and understanding wife, “He gave up his first Duster for the demands of family, now it’s his turn to have it back in the garage, and on the track.”

“It was important to me to use Mopar Performance Parts. I love the idea of keeping my Duster all O.E.”

Charles Schultz


1973 Plymouth Duster
Original 440 hp / Converted to 522 hp
Number of Cylinders 8
Bore 4.3600
Stroke 4.3750
Rod Length 7.1000
Gasket Bore 4.400
Comp. Gasket .0400
Block Deck Height 10.6970
Top Ring Down .245
Chamber Volume 84.0
Dome (-) Dish (+) 18.00
Piston Deck .002
Total Volume 1183.92
Cylinder Volume 1070.43
Clearance Volume 113.49
Gasket Volume 9.96
Top Rine Volume 1.04
Deck Volume .49
Piston Top Land 4.322
1/2 Stroke 2.188
Comp Height 1.408
Cubic Inches 522.55



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