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4 years ago Owners + Clubs

Last weekend was one of those precious spring days we just don’t take for granted in Detroit. Mid 60s and low humidity with white clouds rolling over a blue ceiling back-lit by the big yellow thing in the sky. How could you not grab your hot rod and take advantage by cruising between the orange construction cones and truck eating potholes that have become ubiquitous in our neck of the woods?

Ralph Gilles mentioned that there was a new Mopar® club holding a meet-up on Belle Isle and it might be interesting to check out. He couldn’t make it to this one but I did, and despite a bit of chaos due to the Michigan State Police not liking how we parked, the Belle Isle Takeover Part 2 was super cool! The turnout was impressive. Right off I met James Bell, co-founder of the “SRT® Crew Detroit.” I asked him for the low down on what he and Arnold Littell were trying to create.

According to James “We started this group with the purpose of Mopar enthusiasts coming together to have a good time and to be able to check out each other’s vehicles to get ideas on different customizations/modifications that they might’ve wondered about doing to their vehicles, or never thought of. “

There are a few requirements to get into the Detroit based club. Whether it’s a SRT4 Neon or a Viper ACR, it needs to be “powered by SRT” to be accepted into the Crew, although all Mopar vehicles are allowed to attend the events.

“Currently there is no fee or anything money related to attend our meet ups or to be a part of our group. Our goal is to keep everything free or as little charge as possible.”

They are leveraging Instagram to stay connected and spread the word, and it’s kind of a new thing so you should search #SRTcrewDetroit and check out what they’re doing! Keep up to date on the crew and when the next meet-up will be by following @SRT.Crew_Detroit.

Me and the SRT Demon made the short crosstown trek to the little island in the Detroit River and I came away impressed by all the late model muscle. There are some badass rides in the photos. If you see a pic of your vehicle, write a comment under this post with your IG handle included! It’s easy to register to comment, and I like to connect the cars with the owners.



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