Where’d It Go?

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Recently, you may have read about Jim Marrone’s ’67 Dodge Dart. And in that story, our readers noted the 11:1 compression Indy cylinder head, full roller motor he lifted out of it.

But the story begged the question: Where did that perfectly good motor go?

It went into a 1968 two-door post Dodge Dart altered wheelbase project car that Marrone will complete just as soon as the ’67 project is on the road.

engine being dropped into a vehicle
Dropping it in

To date, the ’68 has been modified to resemble the cars that eventually would be called Funny Cars. Marrone, refusing to take a short cut, installed a straight axle and moved the K frame forward 4-¾ inches using E-body torsion bars. Then, he moved the rear end forward 12 inches and tubed it for wider tires.

vehicle engine
Snug in place

“This car is slated to be a play car,” said Marrone. “A mighty combination of old and new schools. The motor will be topped off with a tunnel ram intake with two FAST fuel injection units on top. And, it will have a “trick” 727 automatic, that will look like a stick shift, but the clutch and brake pedal will actually be one piece.”

vehicle parked outside
Work in progress

And it’ll have a roll bar, for when it hits the track.

Aesthetically? Well, that remains to be seen. And you will see it. Here, on DodgeGarage. Stay tuned.

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