2019 One Lap of America – Blasting Around Brainerd International Raceway

4 years ago Racing Video

After leaving Road America in Wisconsin, David Carr and David Hakim drove all night and boogied to Minnesota for some fast laps and drag strip runs at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR), the fourth stop during the 2019 One Lap of America. Once again, Carr was the “track whisperer” and studied every crack and corner of BIR and put the Dodge Durango SRT® Pursuit Concept through its paces, much to the delight of the fans and even the competition. “Like Road America, I never raced at Brainerd International Raceway and studied the track by watching videos. We ran on two courses and one has a really long straightaway that was over a mile. It’s a deceptively fast course, but it still has a really nice flow and this track allowed us to showcase our HEMI® [engine]’s power,” commented Carr. BIR also had a quarter-mile drag strip as part of its road course layout and it was here that Hakim made some mid-11-second passes with “Speed Trap” while enthusiasts did a double take seeing this HEMI behemoth running such quick ETs.

Here’s a video of SRT engineer David Carr putting his foot down in the “Speed Trap” Durango SRT Pursuit Concept while blasting around Brainerd International Raceway.



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