2019 One Lap of America – Thundering Down Road America

3 years ago Racing Video

As the 2019 One Lap of America was gaining speed, the third stop was at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Because of the speeds our Dodge Durango SRT® Pursuit Concept “Speed Trap” would attain on the long, winding course, the team’s biggest concern was managing brake and tire abuse due to the nature of the track layout. Remember, the rule for the One Lap of America is you have to finish the week-long race with the same tires you started out on. It’s sort of an equalizer among all the competitors regardless of their racing skills and vehicle. It’s that fine line from putting down a good lap time while saving your tires for the next race course that could be over 1,000 miles away. One Lap competitors who need to replace tires due to excessive wear on this week-long event face a stiff points violation. During both sessions at this stop, the Durango’s AWD system kept the 797-horsepower beast firmly planted on the track.

Check out this video of SRT engineer David Carr racing the “Speed Trap” Durango SRT Pursuit Concept around historic Road America.



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