Buckle Up and Hang On – Videos from the 2019 One Lap of America

2 years ago Racing Video

With the current COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home policies, we’ve seen the cancellation or rescheduling of many motorsports venues, including the infamous One Lap of America. For those of you not familiar with this iconic event, the One Lap of America covers nearly 4,000 miles, seven states and eight challenging tracks with both production and specially modified vehicles competing against the clock and other drivers. It was this time last year that SRT® engineer David Carr, along with freelance photojournalist and DodgeGarage contributor David Hakim, set off in a specially modified Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit Concept. Affectionately called “Speed Trap”, this Durango was powered by a supercharged 6.2L HEMI® V8 engine from a Dodge Challenger SRT Redeye that was pushing 797 horsepower. Here’s an awesome video of Speed Trap ripping up the tarmac of Grissom Air Force Base, the first stop during the 2019 One Lap of America. So sit back, turn up the speakers and enjoy!



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