Sick Week Drag Race Profile: Ronnie Santucci and Sarah Lawson

12 months ago Racing

Sick Stats

Hometown: Worcester County, Massachusetts
Vehicle: 1970 Plymouth Duster
Color: Purple (Royal Twilight)
Engine: 416
Tires: Slicks
Personal Best: 9.60 at 139 mph

How did you choose the vehicle you are racing with?

Ronnie: I’ve had the car since I was 14. We pulled it from my Uncle John’s backyard. There were weeds as tall as the roof surrounding it, small trees and grass growing on the inside. The quarters and fenders were missing. It was barely a shell. All my friends joked, saying it “wasn’t a car.” Over the years, I worked hard at getting the Duster to what it is today, learning metal fabrication, body work, paint and horsepower modifications. We take vacations with it to New Hampshire, Cape Cod and many other destinations.

What makes this vehicle “sick”?

Ronnie: Aside from the 1,000 HP, the ease of driving it. It was meant for a drag and drive event: performance when you need it, but an all-around great car to take a drive in as well.

What excites you about Sick Week?

Ronnie: The warm weather and getting out of Massachusetts! We haven’t been able to race in three months. Seeing all of the other cars will be awesome too!

What was your journey to Florida like?

Ronnie: We had to leave early due to the giant snowstorm that was coming through. We missed all of the snow and ice, but encountered rain most of the way down. We stopped at a hotel in North Carolina to break up the drive. We took a “power nap” of sorts, sleeping from 4-9 a.m., then got back on the road to arrive in Florida later that morning. Overall, it was pretty smooth sailing.

Have you participated in any other racing events like this?

Ronnie: Drag Week this past September was our first one.

What makes you a good drag racer?

Ronnie: We aren’t! We just do this for fun, racing against our own time. We’re looking to best ourselves, not anyone else.

Who is your drag race inspiration?

Ronnie: Steve Clukey was THE guy at our local drag strip when I was growing up. He also owned a 1970 Plymouth Duster!

What are you passionate about outside of racing?

Ronnie: Hot rods, restorations and just cars in general. It is all car-related!  

Sarah: Art. I coordinate a car show, Cars in the Park. Last year was the 7th annual show; we had 300 cars and over 3,500 people come. I coordinate all of the cars, sponsors, vendors and trophies.



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