The Dodge Challenger SRT®Hellcat Redeye Flips Its Middle Finger To The Status Quo

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Ever wonder what it’s like to drive a Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat Redeye?

Dustin Woods from Auto Trader Canada took one for a test drive and we think his conclusion sums it up quite nicely: “With nameplates like GTO, Chevelle, Belvedere, and Roadrunner a distant memory; and modern pony cars like Mustang, and to a lesser extent Camaro, becoming more refined in their focus and execution; the Challenger is truly the last of the muscle-car breed. Big, heavy, unapologetically loud and brash, the Challenger [SRT] Hellcat Redeye personifies the singular purpose and over-the-top execution of a bygone era in a way that leaves its ancestors in the dust. As most manufacturers work diligently to make vehicles quieter, more civilized, and refined; the [SRT] Hellcat Redeye flips its middle finger to the status quo.”

Well said, Dustin!

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