What Are Your Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon Stories?

5 years ago Showcase

The best cars become a character in the movie of our life. And if you’re one of the lucky few enthusiasts to acquire a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon, that flick just got a whole lot more interesting.

Life is too short to drive boring cars, and the SRT Demon is too exciting to lead a boring life. So tell us your tall tales involving all things SRT Demon! Did you make the trek to New York for the unveil or make the livestream appointment viewing? Describe that feeling in your soul that stirred when you placed the order, had it confirmed, saw it was being built, then took delivery. How many days (or hours) did it take you to hit the break-in mileage and how quickly did you get it to a drag strip? Have you gotten booted for running 9s? Considering the brutal cold stretch we’ve had in Detroit, has anyone put a set of winter tires on one (asking for a friend)? Are you daily driving it? And if so, how many necks do you break per round trip to work? I’ve heard rumors of some very rare color and option combos, what’s yours?

Is your SRT Demon ownership a new fling or an inherited sickness? Maybe you’ve been afflicted since youth; gramps had a ’71 Demon 340 and it’s caused an addiction and the only cure is more Demon. Nobody can blame you for riding the snake.

The ’18 SRT Demon is already a legend in its own time and the mythology is growing. What’s your story?

Send your stories to content@DodgeGarage.com and we will share them on the site.



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