It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Part 2

5 years ago Showcase

High Octane Cafe & Bakery held a Cars & Coffee event welcoming all cars, but the theme for this one was SRT® Hellcats and Dodge Challenger SRT Demons. Despite having two different people tell me in advance about the theme, it didn’t register with me for whatever reason and I drove out my Ram R/T. By the time I arrived, there were already five SRT Demons there! Tim Kuniskis even rolled up with his Pitch Black #0001 SRT Demon. He made the connection right away that I was there, but my SRT Demon was not. The first question out of his mouth was, “Josh, where’s your Demon!?” I sheepishly pointed towards my truck. Honestly, my car was holed up on the other side of town and I’d made the executive decision to wake up a little later rather than go grab it. Had I made the connection, I could’ve made it an even half dozen and I definitely would’ve gone to the trouble. Ah, well!

The SRT Hellcats were well represented! Anthony’s (DooWork707 on IG) Maximum Steel Charger SRT Hellcat with Brass Monkey wheels was super cool and Dennis Dolinar’s Sublime Green Challenger ‘Cat with hydro-dipped carbon fiber accents had a slick presence. Livernois Motorsports sponsored the show and brought a trio of their modified Mopar® vehicles: A 900+ hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, an 800+ hp Whipple-charged Charger Scat Pack and a Jeep® Grand Cherokee Trackhawk packed with about 950 hp.

The parking lot surrounding High Octane Bakery & Cafe is an ideal setup for showing cars and its owners, (and motorheads) Janice and Tom Llewellyn, said they have permits to host events “all summer” long. The Llewellyns are former engineers in the automotive industry who decided to blend their passions for cars, caffeine and sugar into a neat joint in Bloomfield Township on Telegraph Road. A hot rod theme runs strong from premium 94-rated coffees to the custom license plate lamps that Tom himself crafted. Drinks, sweets, breakfast and lunch can be enjoyed inside or on the patio, or grabbed at the drive-thru. Tuesday was their official ribbon-cutting ceremony, and Darla made sure the SRT Demon was there to add a little class to the group of officials welcoming High Octane to the township. I met up right before closing to grab some cookies and even gave Janice a quick spin in the car. After the takeoff, she asked skeptically, “and you haven’t gotten any tickets yet?”

Not yet!

So be sure to look for updates from High Octane Cafe & Bakery if you’re around Detroit and would like to attend one of their Cars & Coffee events! All makes and models are welcome each week and the first 40 cruisers get a free coffee and donut.



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