Calling All Race Fans

4 years ago Showcase

Race season is officially underway, and it’s time to prepare for those long days at the track!

The Dodge Track Kit features:

  • (1) Dodge Foam Ear Plug Case #12DEL
  • (1) Dodge Sunglasses #12DEH
  • (1) Dodge Stadium Cushion #12DEG
  • (1) Dodge Carabiner Sport Bottle #12DL7
  • (1) Dodge Rhombus Cap #126VR
  • (1) Dodge Bolt Kooler Bag #12DE9
  • (1) Dodge Cooling Towel #12DLR

This killer bundle will save you 10% over purchasing everything individually. Pick up your track kit, get your tuning underway and head over to the track. Your personal best 1/4 mile ETs aren’t going to set themselves!




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