Mopar® Match

3 years ago Showcase

Let’s have some fun! Here, we have 20 photos of 10 crazy cool Mopar® vehicles. Half of them are of the engines and half are of the car, truck, SUV or van that they belong to!

So much variety, and each of them beautiful in different ways. Think you can match the car with the engine?

Some of them are pretty straightforward, but there are enough oddball swaps and rare builds to keep Mopar enthusiasts on their toes.

Keep track of your answers in the comment section below! For example, if you type “8-C”, that means you’ve correctly guessed that vehicle #8 goes with engine C!

Hint: These vehicles appeared at the June 2019 Cars and Coffee at M1 Concourse, June 2019 FCA CEMA Car Show and my 2018 Thanksgiving Road Trip.

Look for all the right answers in my next edition of Mopar Match!





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