Mopar® Match Round 2

3 years ago Showcase

Mopar® Match is back! This time around, we have photos of 9 different vehicles and their power plants; all that’s left for you to do is match them up!

If you missed round 1, go back and try your luck now. If you’ve already penciled in your guesses, you can check them against the answer key below.

Think you can match the car with the engine? We’ve got classic and modern mills in this exam.

I think this version is just a little bit easier than the first, what do you think? Should we dial up the difficulty for next time?

Keep track of your answers in the comment section below! For example, if you type 3-A, that means you’ve correctly guessed that engine #3 goes with vehicle A.

Look for all the correct answers in my next edition of Mopar Match!

Mopar Match Round 1 Answer Key: 1-E, 2-B, 3-I, 4-A, 5-H, 6-D, 7-G, 8-C, 9-F, 10-J



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