Mopar® Match Round 3 – Roadkill Nights Edition

3 years ago Showcase

We already miss Roadkill Nights and we’re guessing you are too, so let’s do Mopar® Match Roadkill Edition. Here are photos of 9 different vehicles and their power plants all from Roadkill Nights; all that’s left for you to do is match them up.

Roadkill Nights was, again, insane. If you were there then it might give you an edge, as will checking out the various Roadkill galleries right here on Dodge Garage.

This is the 3rd Edition; the answer key for the 2nd Edition is below. If you’re new to the game go back and mark down which engine goes with what vehicle. When you’ve “penciled” in your guesses, you can check them against the answer key below.

You can keep track of your answers in the comment section! For example, if you type 2-A that means you’ve correctly guessed that engine #2 goes with vehicle A. Then come back once the next edition is live to check your score!

Look for all the right answers in our next edition of Mopar Match!

Mopar Match Edition 2 answer key: 1-D, 2-H, 3-A, 4-F, 5-I, 6-G, 7-E, 8-C, 9-B



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