Time to talk turkey

2 years ago Showcase

No, we’re not really serious.

Unless you are. In which case…carve those turkeys and send us pics!

Why wait a whole year to put the pumpkin carving stencils back to work? We’re thinking turkey, but they’d probably make great whip cream outlines to top off your pie with. Or carefully carve a Hellcat logo into your mashed potatoes to fill with gravy? Great, now we’re just hungry.

With our holiday tables probably looking a lot different this year, we truly hope you’re able to find some things to laugh about. So here’s one for you…turkey carving stencils.

We’re thankful for each and every one of you, and hope you have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!

If you’re brave enough to try out these stencils on something other than a pumpkin, send us a pic of your Dodge-ified dinner! Pictures or it didn’t happen.  



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