The Muscle Behind Us: Rhonda

3 years ago The Muscle Behind Us

Rhonda loves the respect that her muscle car gets because of its power and reliability, and we love that she’s a true source of reliable power, deserving respect herself – she’s a Registered Nurse.

For over 20 years, Rhonda has been an RN at her local hospital, and is a constant source of calm for the soon-to-be moms she helps in the delivery room.

She shared, “Most people think this is an easy nursing job.  I will tell you it is not.  We function like an emergency room.  We never know what will be rolling through our doors.  In an emergency we can deliver a baby via a cesarean section in less than 5 minutes.  That is team work. This year has been the most challenging year as a nurse ever.  Supplies are being rationed and reused.  We need to protect ourselves.  We work so closely with our patients. We guide our patients through the labor process and help them through some of the toughest pain they will experience.  After the whole process is over, we assure you that you have done an amazing job to bring the newborn into the world.  We help you to hold and comfort and meet the needs of the newest member of your family.”

 We sure are thankful that you’re there to help Rhonda! And we’re glad that your Dodge Charger R/T gets you to the hospital every day in style. Serious style, that is. With an added sunroof, upgraded exhaust, decals, tinted windows, and not a SPECK of dirt to be seen, it’s a ride fit for a queen.

Her neighbors might think she’s crazy considering how much detailing she does, and the people at the car wash might have her annual wash pass number memorized they see her so frequently, but we’re not judging. When you love something, you take care of it.

Your gift for taking care of moms and newborns helps them sparkle too.

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