It’s All in the Detail

2 years ago Heritage Video

There’s nothing quite like a good before and after. This Dodge Viper RT/10 was bought new in ’94 and was well-kept, but was in rough shape after it spent two years sitting outside. The owner reached out to WD Detailing in Ohio to see what they could do. At first glance, the tires are rotten, the clear coat is peeling away and a missing rear window means the cabin has collected all sorts of debris. A polish does wonders and is used for the hood, front bumper, front fenders and headlights, but the Viper will need new paint, too. The interior gets a round of vacuuming, pressure washing and steaming, making a huge difference in the vehicle’s appearance. See why the owner says that his Dodge Viper RT/10 “doesn’t even look like the same car” after this transformation below.



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