Dodge Power Brokers Dealers, Now Open for Business as Enthusiasts’ Source for Direct Connection Performance Parts

The Dodge Power Brokers dealer network is officially open for business as the exclusive source for the Dodge brand’s new Direct Connection factory-backed performance parts lineup. The Dodge Power Brokers program initial launch encompasses nearly 100 dealerships located in 34 states across the U.S., with the network set to expand in the coming months.

Certified Dodge Power Brokers dealership staff meet high standards for comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Dodge vehicle features, performance parts and their installation. A full list of the initial Dodge Power Brokers dealership network is available at Enthusiasts can view the list and also find their nearest Dodge Power Brokers dealership at

Dodge Power Brokers Map

A new online home at will allow enthusiasts to order Direct Connection performance products through the Dodge Power Brokers dealer network. Direct Connection features a lineup of more than 200 parts, including 14 performance kits for the production Dodge Challenger, 13 race-ready kits and four graphics packages for the Dodge Challenger Mopar® Drag Pak and Tuner and Stage kits to boost horsepower for the Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat Redeye and Challenger SRT Hellcat (announcement regarding ordering and availability for the Tuner and Stage kits will be based on CARB certification approval timing).

“Today marks a milestone for our brand — the Dodge Power Brokers dealer network and are up and running and ready to accept orders for Direct Connection factory-backed performance parts from Dodge,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge Brand CEO – Stellantis. “Dodge Power Brokers are not only the exclusive source for Direct Connection parts, but these dealerships feature staff trained to walk enthusiasts through potential Direct Connection performance upgrades and then handle installation of Direct Connection parts, while maintaining the vehicle warranty. The network is rolling out with an initial group of nearly 100 dealers — that number is only going to grow.”

The opening of the Dodge Power Brokers network and Direct Connection ordering unlocks the next “garage door” of the Dodge Never Lift campaign, which provides a 24-month road map to the brand’s performance future. The Dodge 24 Months of Muscle calendar can be viewed at .

Dodge Power Brokers Dealer Network

Inside of a Power Brokers dealership

Dodge Power Brokers dealers are equipped with staff trained to deliver a performance-focused customer experience. Power Brokers dealership features include:

  • Network is the exclusive source for new Direct Connection performance parts
  • Dealership staff meet set standards of comprehensive knowledge and expertise in high-performance areas
  • Each Dodge Power Brokers dealer will feature a dedicated webpage with contact information and biographies on dealership staff trained in high performance customer service
  • Staff trained to walk customers through Dodge vehicle performance features and available Direct Connection upgrades
  • Customers can purchase a vehicle with Direct Connection upgrades directly from a Dodge Power Brokers dealership
  • Direct Connection Modern Performance parts installed by a Dodge Power Brokers dealer have the added benefit of maintaining the balance of the three-year/36,000-mile vehicle warranty (Complete warranty details available at The Online Source for Direct Connection Parts

Direct Connection catalog

The online headquarters for Direct Connection, provides a one-stop online source to search and shop for Direct Connection performance parts, with parts ordered online and delivered to your doorstep by the nearest Dodge Power Brokers dealer. Site features include:

  • Browse Direct Connection parts by vehicle or parts categories
  • View pricing and product details including: vehicle fitment, 50-state legal emissions, installation instructions, install time, dealer hourly labor rates and warranty information for Modern Performance parts
  • Purchase directly from a Dodge Power Brokers dealer in your area through the eStore shopping experience
  • Access Direct Connection resources, including a downloadable Direct Connection parts catalog and contact the Direct Connection Tech hotline at (800) 998-1110 for technical questions
  • Shop Direct Connection merchandise, printed Launch Edition Direct Connection catalogs and licensed products
  • Register your vehicle in “My Garage” for personalized shopping experience

Orders Open for Direct Connection Performance Parts

The Direct Connection performance parts portfolio includes four categories of products: Modern Performance, Crate Engines, Drag Pak, and Vintage Muscle parts.

Modern Performance includes Tuner and Stage kits that can boost the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye and Challenger SRT Hellcat up to 885 horsepower and 750-plus horsepower, respectively. Additional new stage kits for Dodge vehicles – including the Challenger SRT Demon – will roll-out later this year. Modern Performance applications also include 14 performance kits for the modern-era production Dodge Challenger, including a Challenger Hellcat Widebody Fender Flare/Fascia Kit and Challenger Hellcat Hood.

In the Drag Pak category, Direct Connection offers kits for the Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak, first introduced in 2008 as a factory-built, turn-key drag car for racers who compete in National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) events. Direction Connection offers 13 race-ready kits and four graphics packages for the Drag Pak, including a body kit and 354 Supercharged HEMI® Engine.

The Direct Connection Crate Engines category features a horsepower-packed lineup of five popular crate engines. The lineup ranges from the 383 horsepower, 345 cu.-in. Crate HEMI Engine to the 1,000 horsepower Hellephant 426 cu.-in. Supercharged Crate HEMI Engine. Direct Connection Vintage Muscle products are available for a variety of applications, including drivetrain, engine, suspension and exterior parts.

For full information on the Direct Connection portfolio, visit



Now late November and well past March of 2022 and still no Stage Kits for my Redeye. Why do they have to be 50-state legal? Why not release them on a state by state basis? What a disappointment. All this hype from Dodge for nothing to deliver! Why not allow some aftermarket CARB compliant tuners and components since Dodge can’t deliver them?


Well in to June 2022 and still no Stage Kits for my Redeye. Probably should not have announced it before it was approved to be 50-state legal. What a disappointment. All this hype for nothing. Closing my dodgegarage for the summer.


I think you are all in for a major disappointment waiting for kits. I’ve moved on to HP Tuners for my Redeye.

When are we going to see D.C. open up its products? Time is getting shorter and shorter on racing season. Like to get some track time with the mods. Got to get this program in high gear.


I just got my 2022 super stock, what do I need to get it to run mid to high 9s ?


Are the stage kits available for my Scat Pack?


I’m amazed, thrilled and thankful that Dodge is staying true to its successful roots as maker of the most potent - and fun - vehicles available this side of a Ferrari. The rest of the auto industry seems to be cowering in fear as electrification looms (a big chunk of it is hype…but everything starts somewhere), but the Dodge Brotherhood (Sisterhood too!) of Muscle stands tall and confident. Dodge alone seems to fully understand the truth that you can sell a “young man’s car” to an old man, but you’ll never sell “an old man’s car” to a young man! Viva the Power Brokers Network and the revived Direct Connection! -Steve Magnante

So are the tuners and other parts of the stage kits available yet or not?

Not available in Canada, and District reps at the Ontario business center don’t care. Telling Canadian dealers to order through USA dealers! wow you build the cars in Canada, but don’t care about Canadian enthusiasts?