Drag racing class overview

Check-In: Check-in time varies. Please view the schedule for details.

Introduction: Bondurant school history and experience, and a brief overview of the day's events, including the cars to be used.

Drag Racing School: Drag Racing School introduces fundamental drag racing skills and knowledge from burnouts and staging to reaction time and elapsed time. This classroom session assures that every driver has the best preparation before driving the exercises.

Performance Driving Experiences: The exercises are outlined in detail below.

Bondurant Drag Racing - Dodge Demon at starting line

Performance Driving Experiences

Skid Car: Learn how to properly control a car that loses traction and goes into a skid. You’ll learn to apply proper correction to stabilize the vehicle through both over-steer and under-steer situations.

Drag Strip Intro: You'll get an intro to the track as well as the cars and racing equipment. Practice begins, and of course...burnouts!

Run Groups & Passes: Experience driving on a proper drag strip. Behind the wheel, each student will rotate through single lane passes which include a wet-box burnout, stage, 60-foot pass, half-pass and full-pass.

Want to brush up on your drag racing knowledge before attending?
We've got you covered!

Bondurant Drag Racing - Dodge Demon burning out. Close up rear quarter panel

Steps to Register to Attend

Step 1:View event schedule.

Step 2: Verify that your 2018 VIN is valid for participation.

Verify your VIN by one of these easy ways:

  1. Submit your VIN online for verification
  2. Call us at 800-998-1110
  3. Email SRTTE@dodgegarage.com the following information:
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    Year & Model of your SRT vehicle

Step 3: You'll receive your VIN validation via email.

Step 4: After you VIN has been validated, you'll receive a welcome email from Bondurant with a contact name and number so you can schedule your track date. PLEASE NOTE: You must speak with a Bondurant representative to schedule & confirm attendance.

Step 5: After you have set your track date with Bondurant, you will receive an email from them confirming your attendance and program details.

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