Dodge Showcases the Evolution of Muscle at the Detroit Auto Show

After a two-year hiatus, the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is back for 2022 and no brand on display showcases a more diverse collection of vehicles than Dodge. While the display isn’t as large as some others, Dodge packs a tremendous amount of horsepower into their space, providing attendees with a great look at the evolution of muscle. Most importantly, the 2022 Detroit show will provide many people with their first chance to see the new Hornet and the Charger SRT® Daytona Concept EV in person – so for most attendees, this is their first opportunity to see the future of the brand.

We should point out that the images of the Dodge NAIAS display shown here may look a little different than it does on public days, as the layout of vehicles usually changes after the media preview is complete, but these pictures provide a quick look at what to expect from the brand at the Detroit Auto Show.

Modern Muscle

First up, we have the current lineup of muscular vehicles from Dodge, including the Charger, Challenger and Durango. The Challenger is represented with a Scat Pack with the unique HEMI® Orange appearance package, shown here in black, along with an SRT Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak in F8 Green. This particular 807-horsepower muscle car is equipped with the silver Warp Speed wheels, yellow Brembo brake calipers, the SRT Widebody stripe, Satin Chrome badges and the black/Hammerhead Gray interior with light gray seatbelts.

Next up from the modern lineup, Dodge displayed the Durango SRT 392. This 475-horsepower, three-row SUV is finished in White Knuckle with the Redline Red-trimmed black dual stripes and the Black Package, which adds the black 20-inch wheels, the black exterior mirrors, dark badges and black exhaust tips.

Sitting just in front of that white Durango was a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak. This 807-horsepower sedan is painted Frostbite Blue with the silver Warp Speed wheels, silver badges and yellow Brembo brake calipers on the outside while the interior features the black/Hammerhead Gray layout with red seatbelts.

Introducing the Hornet

The Dodge Hornet was introduced last month during Speed Week in front of a small crowd of media and fans of the brand at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, and when it went on sale the next day, more than 14,000 examples of the sporty compact SUV were ordered by dealerships around the country. It is clear that dealerships are excited to get a new vehicle in the ultra-hot small SUV segment and with so many people buying these types of vehicles right now, the 2022 Detroit Auto Show will be their first chance for many prospective buyers to see the Hornet in person.

For the media preview, Dodge had two Hornets on display – a GT model in Blu Bayou and the GLH Concept. The Hornet GT will likely be the volume model while the GLH Concept – named after the classic Omni Shelby GLH that would also “Go Like Hell” – is currently a concept based on the brand’s plans for Direct Connection upgrades.

However, while the Hornet GLH is “only a concept”, the upgrades included in this conceptual package seem likely relatively easy items to add to the lineup. This includes a sport suspension system that lowers the vehicle an inch (compared to the GT model), package-specific 20-inch wheels, a free-flowing exhaust system that provides a more aggressive note, a unique graphics package and an ECU calibration that adds more horsepower and torque. Dodge hasn’t said just how much power the GLH Concept could offer in production form, but Tim Kuniskis stated that it would have a better power-to-weight ratio than the original Omni GLH and more than double the torque output of the oringal.

Most importantly, the Dodge Hornet in every trim brings a level of driving performance to the compact SUV brand that isn’t offered by the competition, so prospective buyers who want a sport ute that is actually fun to drive without spending a fortune will likely find that this model checks all of the boxes.

The Banshee Meets the World

Finally, serving as the stunning centerpiece of the Dodge NAIAS display is the Charger SRT Daytona Concept, which showcases the brand’s future electric vehicle plans. This car made its debut at Speed Week as well, and while some Dodge fans are resistant to the idea of liking any EV, most people in the community are excited by the prospect of an electric vehicle that looks great and is a blast to drive.

While we will all have to wait a while to find out just how much fun the electric Dodge muscle car will be to drive, the Charger SRT Daytona Concept on display at the Detroit Auto Show will give attendees their first chance to check out this beautiful design in person. Like most high-profile concept cars, it is on a rotating pedestal, out of reach of spectators, so you cannot sit in it or touch it, but it is in a beautifully lit area with a cool backdrop that makes for great pictures.

Also, the rotating pedestal is low enough that you can easily see into the cabin from the floor, providing a nice, clear look at the high-tech interior of the Charger Daytona EV Concept in top-of-the-line Banshee trim.

Ultimately, while this Dodge Charger is only a concept right now, it gives everyone a look into the electrified future of the brand and with the industry shifting hard to EVs right now, this sleek, electric muscle car is sure to be one of the most popular attractions at this year’s North American International Auto Show.