Calling All Race Fans

 15 days ago  Gear Dodge Garage

Race season is officially underway, and it’s time to prepare for those long days at the track!

The Dodge Track Kit features:

  • (1) Dodge Foam Ear Plug Case #12DEL
  • (1) Dodge Sunglasses #12DEH
  • (1) Dodge Stadium Cushion #12DEG
  • (1) Dodge Carabiner Sport Bottle #12DL7
  • (1) Dodge Rhombus Cap #126VR
  • (1) Dodge Bolt Kooler Bag #12DE9
  • (1) Dodge Cooling Towel #12DLR

This killer bundle will save you 10% over purchasing everything individually. Pick up your track kit, get your tuning underway and head over to the track. Your personal best 1/4 mile ETs aren’t going to set themselves!