You Could Own the Rarest Dodge Viper in the United States

The Gen V Dodge Viper was offered from 2013 through 2017, strictly as a fixed top coupe. However, Prefix Corporation, the company that painted the body panels for the Gen V Viper, introduced both the “Medusa” convertible package and a Targa top package for the legendary American supercar as post-title options. It’s unclear how many examples of the Viper convertible and Targa top packages Prefix installed, but we know that the company built two ACR Extreme Aero Targa models. Only one of those two Targa top Viper ACR Extreme Aero models is in the United States and it is currently available for purchase, giving Dodge supercar fans a chance to own a car that is 1-of-1 on this continent.

The Gen V Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Aero

For those who don’t recall all of the details on Gen V Dodge Viper trim levels, the ACR with the Extreme Aero package was the pinnacle performance package for the fifth generation of the legendary supercar. A 2017 Viper ACR with the Extreme Aero package driven by Lance David Arnold laid down a Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time of 7:01.3 in September of 2017, which still stands today as the fastest Nordschleife lap time ever by an American production car.

In standard factory form, the Gen V Dodge Viper ACR was powered by an 8.4-liter V10 engine that sent 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque toward the rear wheels by means of a 6-speed manual transmission. Introduced for the 2016 model year, the ACR package added track-ready features, including race-tuned Bilstein shocks, 15-inch Carbon Ceramic Matrix brake rotors under 6-piston Brembo calipers, Kumho Ecsta V720 high-performance tires measuring 295/25/19 up front and 355/30/19 out back and an aero kit that included a prominent front splitter, two dive planes and a 1,776-millimeter-wide dual element rear wing. Lightweight carpeting and a minimal sound system helped further performance by removing some unneeded weight.

When buyers stepped up to the Dodge Viper ACR with the Extreme Aero Package, the car gained an even larger rear wing (1,876 millimeters wide), a carbon fiber rear diffuser, a unique SRT® hood with removable louvers over the front wheels, two more dive planes and a detachable extension for the front splitter. This package lead to the highest aerodynamic downforce of any production road car at that time, with 1,200+ pounds of downforce at 150 miles per hour and 1,700+ pounds of downforce at the vehicle’s top speed of 177 miles per hour. When coupled with the tires that were developed specifically for this package, the double adjustable dampers and the massive carbon brakes, the Gen V Dodge Viper ACR with the Extreme Aero Package was and still is one of the most track-capable American production road cars of all time.

Other features of this particular Dodge Viper ACR include a Harman Kardon 18-speaker sound system,  the carbon fiber trim inside and out and the gorgeous Demonic Red GTS Laguna Leather interior. Aftermarket racing harnesses have been added as well.

The Targa Top Conversion and More

The vast majority of people who bought a Gen V Dodge Viper ACR with the Extreme Aero Package were likely more focused on performance than open-air comfort, but two owners sent their American supercars to Prefix for the Targa top conversion. The process starts by cutting out the center section of the factory roof, essentially removing the portion of the roof between the top of the windshield and the leading edge of the huge rear window. The company then creates a carbon fiber roof panel that locks into place with three latches and a pair of guide pins. When removed, this carbon fiber panel fits in the trunk.

For those wondering, the chassis of the Gen V Dodge Viper was so stiff that when Prefix removed a portion of the roof for the “Medusa” convertible or Targa top conversions, no additional chassis bracing was necessary – so no extra weight was added under the car.

As mentioned above, this is one of the two Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Aero models to get the Targa top transformation from Prefix and it is the only one in the United States, making it one of the rarest examples of the legendary American supercar. Even with that in mind, the original owner wanted to make it even more unique, so he had Prefix install an American Racing Headers exhaust system and a Stage 1 tune, so this car is making more than the stock output of 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, but there are no official power figures with these additional upgrades.

If the idea of owning one of the rarest Dodge Vipers in the United States, combining the pinnacle of SRT performance with the comforts of open-air driving appeals to you, you’re in luck, as this ACR Extreme Aero car with the Prefix Targa top conversion is currently available for sale in Jonesboro, Arkansas.