Craft Cars

The ingenuity of DodgeGarager’s goes way beyond the engine. In fact, some of our biggest gearheads are taking their love of Dodge off the street and onto paper.

Take Mike Lavens, a guy you might remember from a DodgeGarage feature called “Driveway Dream”, for example. Well, Mike took into account 7-year-old Wally’s dream of becoming a state trooper when he mailed him this one-of-a-kind birthday card (along with some other cool surprises) using the downloadable coloring sheets.

coloring pages
coloring pages

And, because Lavens bought a Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat Redeye specifically because the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon did not come in Sublime, he decided to build his own SRT Demon, complete with a few mods (via the Take a Spin Around Your Living Room story, of course).

Show off your craft car or coloring pages and we will feature you right here on DodgeGarage!

craft car