Do You Know This Wheelie Wonder?

The HEMI® Under Glass Plymouth Barracuda is not something you see every day. Because even though the wheelie is an incredible stunt to watch, it’s probably not the position most vehicle owners ever want to see their beloved cars in while hurdling down the drag strip.

If you want to learn more about the famous stunt car, you can find more information from Olivia Crosby here and from Chris Jacobs here.

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Mr. Jacobs needs to do better research. The ‘69 Hemi Under Glass referred to in this story was built in 2013 and has no racing history. The ’68 Hemi Under Glass pictured in the other story is the longest performing Hemi Under Glass and has actually match raced and beat Bill “Maverick” Golden in the Little Red Wagon. It is the only car that all three drivers, Shrewsberry, Riggle, and Mantel, have been in. As far as Spagnoli and his Yak-Zies Bar & Grill, take a look at Yelp reviews. Numerous complaints on people getting sick and rude treatment. Spagnoli was cited for unsanitary alcohol at another location. Worse yet, he pleaded guilty to battery on a woman in front of her three children. I don’t care what kind of collector cars this guy has. I wouldn’t give him the time of day.