Herb McCandless – Drag Racing Living History: Part 2

We hope you’ve had a chance to catch episode one of ‘Born to Win – A Documentary on the Life of Herb McCandless.” By sharing his experiences of racing HEMI® engine-powered Plymouth Super Stockers to the winner’s circle starting during the mid-1960s, Herb took us back in time to the early years of drag racing. As the 1960s ramped-up and morphed into the early 1970s, so did the horsepower battles on the drag strips across the USA. Detroit’s automakers went to war for racing supremacy and began promoting the “Win on Sunday” philosophy among muscle car buyers. The on-track competition was severe and racing politics among the manufacturers was so intense, NHRA had to create the new Pro Stock class for 1970. It was a phone call from Buddy Martin in May of 1970 that would change Herb’s life and the sport of drag racing forever. So, check out episode two and you’ll learn some history and even a few drag racing tricks!