Modern Street HEMI® Shootout Crowns its 2022 Championship

Back in late October, the Modern Street HEMI® Shootout (MSHS) series held its final points event of the 2022 season with the EastCoastMoparts event at Maryland International Raceway. These two days of racing would decide the champions across every class, capping off the biggest and best season for the MSHS thus far. 

“Proud to say that the 2022 MSHS season is in the books and it was our best one yet.  Started strong with out largest Orlando attended race, fought through some poor forecasts to successfully complete spring races, ran in the Midwest Plains for the first time, crushed our annual HEMI’nsanity event in Detroit and the season finale in Maryland was amazing,” said Dan VanHorn, owner and founder of the series. “New racer participation was an astounding 20%, and it is all about the people and the friendships made along the way.  We are full steam ahead planning 2023 and fully dedicated to Modern Street HEMI® Shootout racing into the future!”

EastCoastMoparts MIR Results

Before getting into the 2022 MSHS championships, here’s a quick look at the results for the EastCoastMoparts event at Maryland International Raceway. Based on the results from this event and the list of champions below, it’s clear that the racers who came to MIR with a shot at a title made sure to bring their A-game.

In the EastCoastMoparts Bracket Class – the biggest class within the series –  Alex Gennarelli took the class win in his Dodge Challenger over Ron Polidora and his SRT® Hellcat-powered 1964 Dodge 440. Kaleb Kelly and his Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 finished 3rd in the class while Justin Rems finished 4th in his Jeep Grand Cherokee. This 4th place finish allowed Rems to secure the 2022 MSHS Championship in the Bracket Class.

In the Direct Connection Street Class (12.50 Index), Pete Seguin and his Dodge Charger 392 Daytona beat Kevin O’Hare.

In the Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class (11.50 Index), Chris Jones and his gorgeous classic B-body beat Chris Ulanowicz and his Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320.

In the LitensHellraiser Modified Class, Jessica Sipple drove her tiger-striped Dodge Challenger to the win over John Roscoe and his Jeep Grand Cherokee. With the runner-up finish, Roscoe locked up the Modified Class championship.

In the Sipple Speed and Performance Class (10.00 Index), Mike England took the win with his Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat over Eskle Collier, allowing England to secure the class title for 2022.

The Holmberg Motorsports Class (9.50 Index), Jay Johnson drove his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to the win over the Challenger of Alex Gennarelli, locking down the season title for Johnson.

In the TG Motorsports Super Pro Class (8.50 Index), Chris Harrigan of Legmaker Intakes drove his Dodge Charger to the class win, beating Ed Springstead and giving Harrigan the 2022 championship.

In the TC2 Motorsports Rookie Class, Jessie Michaud beat Madison Peery in the finals while Bruce Hammond finished third.

In the ThiTek Heavyweight Class (Heads Up, Quarter Mile, No Time), Zdung Ho drove his record-setting Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat to the win over Robert Powell, which allowed Ho to secure the 2022 Heavyweight Class Championship.

In the Diablosport/Holley HEMI® Outlaw (1/8 mile heads up), Kevin Helmick drove his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat known better as GRMPYCAT to the class win and the championship, beating Chris Dufresne in the finals. Series boss Dan VanHorn finished third in the HEMI® Outlaw class with his own Dodge Challenger.

Finally, in the Z Automotive King of the Hill Class, which puts all other class winners head-to-head in a quarter mile bracket format, Jessica Sipple roared to victory in her orange-and-black Dodge Challenger.

2022 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Champions

Here are the drivers who won a championship in the 2022 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series. While winning a season championship is never easy, the continued growth of the MSHS makes winning races and titles harder with each new season – making the accomplishments below that much more impressive.

First up, in the Direct Connection Street Class, fellow DodgeGarage contributor Matt from SRTAddicts drove his Chrysler 300C SRT8 to his first series championship.

“I had no reason to ever think I would win the championship, I had only raced one time before this season. I turned every loss and obstacle into a learning experience, so I learned a lot,” said Green. “I used every resource I had to get the car right and apply everything I was learning. When you’re relentless to achieve a goal, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

Next up, Guy Dalton was the next Chrysler 300C SRT8 driver to take home a 2022 MSHS title, with the long-time series participant winning the championship in the Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class.

“Being one of the OGs (original members of the series), I have watched the series expand, the competition get tougher and friendships develop over the years. Little did I know when I made my first event in Bradenton, that I would be chasing titles each year and winning many,” said Dalton. “I am retiring from the series and to go out on top means a lot. It has been fun!”

The Litens Hellraiser Modifed Class championship was won by John Roscoe and his Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

“For me, racing the Series is a quick get away from the stresses of life. It has it own challenges from the trip itself to getting it done on the strip but nothing is more exhilarating and rewarding. And friends…without the friends forget it…wouldn’t be any fun,” said Roscoe on his title win.

The Sipple Speed & Performance Class, which was previously the 10.00 Hellcat class, was won by Mike England and his Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, who won his class at the final event to secure the title.

“What a seesaw battle I had with Brian Brunt all year in the 10.0 class. I literally had to get my 1st ever win at MIR to win the championship and I somehow pulled it out,” said England. “Thank you Jon Sipple, Zdung Ho, SDG Motorsports and all the people that helped me behind the scenes, Stuart’s Shine, Visual Perfection, Tire Maxx, Cole’s Automotive, Lovely Little Things Printing, Dan VanHorn and thank you God for allowing me to afford doing this and for a safe season for all involved in this series.”

In the Holmberg Motorsports 9.50 Index Class, Jay Johnson and his HHP-built Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat won the season championship by winning the final event in Maryland.

“The year started off very difficult with a blown motor in Virginia and almost hitting the wall in North Carolina but thankfully my God in heaven was and is always looking out for me so between Him and Joshua Schwartz at HHP we were able to turn things around in Kansas and we never looked back,” said Johnson. “We love our HHP family and our MSHS family.”

The TG Motorsports Pro Class saw longtime series participant and sponsor, Chris Harrigan of Legmaker Intakes, get his first season championship in his Dodge Charger SRT8.

“It’s a good feeling to finally have the monkey off my back,” said Harrigan. “This season championship means I am no longer the bridesmaid after many runner-up season finishes.”

In the EastCoastMoparts Bracket Class, Justin Rems drove his Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 to take the title in the biggest group of the series.

“It took a lot of dedication throughout the season, not only from me, but my wife/crew chief as well,” said Rems. “Even with all that, it still wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the MSHS family.”

The ThiTek Heavyweight Class championship was claimed by Zdung Ho, the owner, driver and tuner of the world’s quickest Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Even in a year where he began battling kidney cancer, Z reset his own record and won an MSHS title.

“This was the first year I was able to attend and support the entire MSHS schedule.  It wasn’t pretty, but I got through it,” said Ho. “I couldn’t have done it all without help and support from many of the regulars that attend, many of which are event sponsors themselves.  I’m happy and grateful that this series exists for the Gen III HEMI community and hope to continue supporting it well into the future.”

The Diablosport/Holley HEMI Outlaw Class championship went to Kevin Helmick, who won in Maryland and had strong outings at every other event this season with his familiar Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

“This series continues to thrive, but there are a lot of “Outlaw Cars” on the fringe,” said Helmick, who owns and drives the GRMPYCAT Chllenger. “I hope 2023 is the best racing season yet because those cars come out to compete.”

Finally, with four King of the Hill appearances, Chris Ulanawicz won the Barth Tuning King of Kings championship for the 2022 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series with his Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320.

Photo credit: David Hakim

“This race series is a true community and this season has shown me that, said Ulanawicz. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve raced with them for years or if it’s your first race. When you race with them, you’re one of them.”

Congratulations to all of the champions and every racer who helped to make 2022 the best year so far for the Modern Street HEMI Shootout. And on behalf of everyone in the modern Mopar® racing world, a big thanks to Dan VanHorn and everyone on the MSHS team who work so hard to help the series grow each year.