CarCast: The Rise of Vipers

Matt and Bill start off the show talking about the rise of Dodge Vipers. Although it’s a heritage vehicle no longer in production, the Viper made its mark and demands to never be forgotten. Check out the episode!



Rockauto huh. I’ll definantly check it out. Thanks. I would really like to hear any of you guy’s take on AMSOIL.


It’s very strange, I was thinking about the viper while reading about the most recent Durango post by Todd. This machine was only a daily driver in my daily day dreams as a kid. Pure erotica.
When I was 13 years old my next door neighbor had a first Gen red convertible hard top viper. He drove every kid on our block around the street. Unfortunately he hit the gas too hard with my sister and ran into one of those sewer manholes that stick up out of the ground. Wasn’t too bad but he rightfully parked it after that. First time I ever drove 5he lotus was in need for speed shift. Was my starting option and it was cool. Scary what the government will be capable of with all that info. Sometimes I wonder if at some point they will be able to cause car accidents. And Hennessy man. They have a great rendition on the lotus called the venom gt. Great! pod cast. Tell you what tho man. I’d really enjoy subtle and proper luxury interior inside a charger or challenger over any Bugatti.