The Future of Muscle Cars

What do you call a two-door, high-performance, American-made car? Ah yes, a muscle car. Originally intended for a younger audience, the design kicked off in the mid-1960s. At the time, manufacturers were focused on producing spacious vehicles with luxury items, but when a full-sized V8 engine was put in a smaller frame, the result was faster and cheaper. Thus, the muscle car was born. Occasional modifications and design evolutions have helped muscle cars continue to compete in the market over the last sixty years, but one thing has never changed – the enthusiasts. Many of the early generation muscle cars are still in circulation today and several new models echo their earlier versions, solidifying the passionate following that has been with us since the beginning. There is no doubt that these cars are a huge chunk of automotive history, but times are changing. What’s next for muscle cars?

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People in Apartments/Condo’s or shared Houses cannot all charge their vehicles at home! So charging stations will be needed and lots of them considering 45 minutes plus to charge your car,and dont be fooled…Those WONT be cheap either!

So saying Electric cars the best way,its NOT…Government said over and over again,Electric cars will reduce road congestion because YOU WONT OWN A CAR!!