More Details on How Dodge Will Disclose 2023 Dealer Allocations

When Dodge boss Tim Kuniskis provided the world with the plans for the 2023 model year Challenger and Charger, he mentioned that there would be a new sort of inventory system here on DodgeGarage called the Horsepower Locator, where prospective buyers can check to see which dealerships will have access to specific models and trims. With 2023 being the final year of this generation for the fabled muscle cars, the company wants to make it as easy as possible for buyers all over the country to get the exact car that they want. This system will allow buyers to find out which dealerships around the country have allocations remaining for the given vehicles, but due to the rest of the huge 2023 news, the information on this new availability system got lost in the shuffle.

For many people, the initial reporting on the Horsepower Locator system made it sound very similar to what is already available on, where you can search dealership inventory, but it’s actually far more elaborate than that. Today, we take a closer look at how the Horsepower Locator will help you find your ideal 2023 Dodge Challenger or Charger.

Dealership Allocations, Not Inventory

The most significant aspect of the Horsepower Locator is that it is based on dealership allocations, not dealership inventory.

If you visit today and search inventory for a 2022 Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat, that system shows you the vehicles currently being built, in transit or on the lots in your area – cars at local dealerships where you can walk in, test drive the car and buy it today. That system allows you to quickly find a car in your area to purchase right away, but since we are talking about cars that are already ordered by the dealership, this system doesn’t offer any means to know how many orders the dealership has available for you to custom order a car exactly how you want it.

On the other hand, let’s say that you are searching for a 2023 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat on the Horsepower Locator. This system shows you every dealership that has remaining allocations for a 2023 Charger SRT Hellcat. Once you locate a dealership that has an allocation for the Charger SRT Hellcat, you can communicate with that dealership to place an order for the exact car that you want. The Horsepower Locator will also help prospective customers check with multiple dealerships for pricing before ordering, so not only will the system help people order their ideal Dodge muscle car, it will also help them find the best price on that new Challenger or Charger.

Also, for those folks who are buying a 2023 Challenger or Charger with plans of adding Direct Connection performance upgrades, the Horsepower Locator will allow you to search specifically for Power Brokers dealerships with allocations for the car in question. So not only is Dodge trying to make it easier for prospective customers to get their dream muscle car in the final year of production, but the brand is even making it easier to add gobs of warranty-friendly power at the dealership. This sounds great for consumers, but it will take a great deal of preparation by the brand to make this all work smoothly.

Preparing for the 2023 Model Year

Before the 2023 Challenger and Charger officially go on sale, the Dodge brand will work with the folks at the Brampton Assembly Plant where both cars are built to forecast exactly how many of each car will be built during the entire model year. This will take a great deal of planning on the side of the brand, the production facility and the suppliers, but as a result, Dodge will know exactly how many 2023 Challengers and 2023 Chargers will be built by the time production ends sometime next year.

While simply knowing how many Challengers and Chargers will be built for the 2023 model year would help with allocations and planning, the brand is taking it one step further. They won’t just know how many Challengers and Chargers will be built – they will know exactly how many cars will be built in each trim line. In other words, Dodge will figure how exactly how many Challengers will be built in SXT, SXT AWD, GT, GT AWD, R/T, R/T Scat Pack, R/T Scat Pack Widebody, SRT Hellcat, SRT Hellcat Widebody, SRT Hellcat Redeye, SRT Hellcat Widebody and SRT Super Stock form; and exactly how many Chargers will be built in SXT, SXT AWD, GT, GT AWD, R/T, Scat Pack, Scat Pack Widebody, SRT Hellcat Widebody and SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody form.

Once the Dodge brand knows exactly how many examples of each trim level will be built for the Challenger and Charger, allocation information will be sent to dealerships across the United States, and that same information will be available to potential customers through the DodgeGarage Horsepower Locator. When that information goes out, every dealership will know exactly how many examples of each 2023 Challenger and Charger they will be able to order for the entire 2023 model year, while hopeful customers will know where they can order their ideal Dodge muscle car.

This information will then be regularly updated on the Horsepower Locator, allowing prospective customers a chance to see how quickly certain models are selling and how close certain models are to selling out nationally, potentially protecting customers from missing out on a specific model.

For example, say that a dealership near you has allocations for 50 Charger SRT Hellcat models for the 2023 model year and during the first week of the order banks being open, that dealership receives three customer orders for a Charger SRT Hellcat along with ordering five cars for inventory. The number of available allocations for that dealership in the Horsepower Locator would go down by eight units, so when the system update is performed, that dealership will then show you they have 42 available orders for the 2023 model year. That process will continue, consistently showing the drop in remaining allocations, until all the vehicles planned for production for the 2023 Challenger and Charger have been converted into orders.

There will also be a specific section for the Last Call Special Edition models, but since those vehicles are all configured a certain way, the Horsepower Locator will simply help buyers find these limited-edition cars from the final run of the current Dodge Challenger and Charger. As has been explained in the past few weeks, the Last Call vehicles will be built at the brand’s discretion and shipped to pre-selected dealerships, so there is no means for a customer to order one in advance.

With all the preparation that went into making sure we’d be able to connect with the dealers who could order exactly what we want in 2023, there’s an additional safeguard planned for as well. There will be a couple months of reserve, just in case 2023 decides we haven’t already seen enough natural disasters or chip shortages that could impact production. While the planning for a new model year is always intense, this planning for the Last Call of Challengers and Chargers is impressive. Couple that with a never-before-attempted level of transparency for customers, and Dodge is truly trying to set us up for success. Stay tuned to DodgeGarage for the launch of the Horsepower Locator in October.



ordered my rt in February. When should i expect it to be made and delivered?


So with all that being said, what control do you have over dealerships marking up the MSRP of these Last Call models, if any? For example for the Demon 170, going from $50K on up. It’s sad that your dealerships are price gouging your loyal fanbase/customers.


Dodge, maybe check the forums. Canadians are getting very frustrated. You say you love your Canadian neighbours. That doesn’t show. Dealer know nothing, and buyers are waiting and waiting. Just a straight answer Dodge Come on. You know how many you’re going to build. Then let the Canadian market know that too. Is just good business. I know of other Canadian buyers that have orders from almost a year ago. And not one bit of information for them. Thats terrible customer service. Ive been waiting since Aug. no information at all.


what about Canada. You guys are treating the Canadian Market like crap. Lots of us have been waiting a long time for a car. Some over a year. Come on Dodge.


I do not see any 2023 Models yet. When will they show?


Clearly no one monitors this page. Great job Dodge. Ive reached out to you guys in many ways, and nothing.


What’s up Dodge. Almost Christmas and still no Canadian Challenger news. I ordered one in August and still have no information. How disappointing the way your treating the Canadian Market. Am I getting a car or not.


Ive made a canadian order for a full equiped Hellcat in August 2022 and there is no VIN Yet im so desperate


Was fortunate enough to get an allotment for 2022, Widebody Hellcat, Jailbreak edition, fully loaded. Can’t stop smiling, whenever I’m driving!!! The car is WILD!!! Hope you all are as lucky as me!


What about Canadian customers, the cars are built in Canada( Brampton, Ontario). Why are Canadian dealers not apart of the horsepower locator? How do Canadians buy last call models?


Where’s the hellcat durango?! Can’t wait!


When will dealers take orders for 2023.


So it’s October 24th and no allocations yet? What’s the deal Dodge???


So it’s October 24th and no fn allocations yet? What’s the deal Dodge???


What happened to all the comments? I thought the horsepower locator was dropping this month?


Still happening this month?


Is the Horsepower Locator still set to open this month?


I’d like to order a '23 super stock in B5 but have heard they arent gonna make super stock trim for '23.
Any truth to this? Article above does state super stock in it but have no clue.


This is fantastic! Great way to remove information asymmetry and provide for a much more visible market.


All my vehicles are mopar have rams for my work vehicles and and I have my personal ram that’s my baby and wife drives the Durango rst and seams like they really are messing with there loyal fans just to keep us happy! Why play games put up or shut up! Tired of bs games get enough of that with our government! Stop! ready to get black ghost! “What’s up?”


Cant wait to get my hands on a King Daytona !!!


I have a 22 Charger 5.7 Daytona in Smoke Show Gray…I want a 23 Charger 5.7 Daytona in B5 Blue or Cinammon stick with brembo brakes. I wanna keep my 22 in Smoke Show…but dont know if budget will allow…Scat Pack has too much torque for me lol…Id need my own tire store


That sure was a lot of words for very little information. I’m beginning to have my doubts whether or not I’ll be able to get the new 2023 Challenger I want or not. Even though I have the money I’m not going to pay some outrageous dealer rip off mark up! That unscrupulous practice should not be allowed. It’s a slap in the face to your loyal customer base. That’s something you folks should give some thought to.


I hope the overall totals of Chargers and Challengers for 2023 are high, so that consumers like me have a reasonable chance to get their dream cars before everything goes electric.


Why have your turned your back on your Canadian customers? Some of your biggest supporters of the Dodge Mopar brand are from Canada. Normally you allocate apx 10% of special orders to Canadian customers. I own many high performance Mopars and have never driven anything else in over 40 years of driving and I’m very disappointed in your decision not to allow us the opportunity to purchase these iconic last run vehicles after decades of supporting you.


Want to get my hands on hellcat Durango and 6th or 7th last call. I sold my demon big mistake


Ordered my 2022 Charger SRT Wide Body in March. Still no indication it will be built. Is Dodge going to move the unfilled 2022 orders to 2023 models or are we going to get burned.


What !! no plum crazy for 2023 bummer no red eye for me


Also don’t buy from zsott worst dealership I’ve ever dealt with, I’ve been loyal to dodge over 16 years
I ordered a jailbreak June 23, 2022 have not received any updates and still waiting. I only have a VON and it’s just sitting in the database.
Not going to fulfill my order but roll out with limited productions of 23s so not everyone can buy one… I’ve only ever owned was dodge chargers 3 in fact. Making it difficult for me to get my dream car


I ordered a 2022 Challenger R/T Scat Pak Widebody convertible, will that order be converted to a 2023 order if they can not fulfill the 2022 order?


Just got off the phone with my local dealer and he flat out told me there will be AT LEAST a $20k markup on the Last Call vehicles they get AND on the higher end 2023 models. Not surprising but unfortunate.


im worried about the options on a couple last call vehicles in interested in , as they are gear towards drag racing , i do NOT want a sunroof , and some options packages its part of , and you cant delete


The author of this piece is congratulating Dodge for getting a system that will GUARANTEE massive markups.
“As has been explained in the past few weeks, the Last Call vehicles will be built at the brand’s discretion and shipped to pre-selected dealerships, so there is no means for a customer to order one in advance.”
I am interested in Car #7. Very few will be built. Since they are sent to pre-determined (favored) dealerships, how does this set up favor the customer? The handful of dealers can and WILL ask what they want and the buyer can go kick rocks.
Why isn’t Dodge doing what they did for the last Chrysler 300s? Namely, you register to get one, then find your favorite dealer and have them order it for you. If the dealer plays games, you go to your next favorite dealer. Here the CONSUMER wins. Instead, this system allows favored dealerships to (legally) price gouge. Dodge needs to re-think this. They definitely can do better.
If you thought Demon dealer markups were awful (and they were) look out here. I bet some Dealerships will ask 2x MSRP…and get it! With this system I don’t see how Dodge is putting the customer first. This article should call it what it is. It’s a HELLCAT PARTING GIFT to the golden ticket dealers. Very disappointing if this is how it plays out.


I pre ordered a 22 RE on 1/18/22 and still have not received shipment. How can you take orders for 23 when I’ve been waiting for my turn for 9 months? WT*!!!


This seems like a socialistic approach to vehicle distribution . Is the manufacturer keeping more of the profits? What happened to having free market and letting the market decide the value of the product? Trying to bypass the current dealer distribution creates problems and lower customer satisfaction. This seems counter intuitive overall.


Great at least I can find info here before I hear the bs from dealers


Sounds like a phenomenal way for dealerships to try and justify mark up BS. I plan on ordering one when I can, but the second the idea of a mark up comes into talks, I’m walking. I’m not interested in even negotiating out of the gate when your starting point has a nonsense mark up. There’s a CDJR dealership every 10 minutes where I live. I’ll play the game or at the end of the day, if all else fails, I’ll keep my wide body scat i custom ordered back in 2021. I’d just like to have the last year ever built but it’s not like the design is any different


I noticed it didn’t mention Hellcat Durango


This whole thing is terrible for those of us that actually want to buy a car. All I want to do is order a 2023 Challenger, but Dodge has made this all but impossible and won’t give us any useful information!


This page neglects to mention Jailbreaks. Are those over?


I was calling around on the 2022 Jailbreak allocations still left trying to find an honest daler without big markups when yall pulled the plug on that page and it made me stall out. But hey, who needs to sell cars every month? I even sent an email and of course got no help… @carspeed707


Soooo… If my local dealer does not get allocated say, a scat pack widebody charger, I can not order one from them, I must go elsewhere??? Sounds like penalizing dealers that are not in a performance market…


Will this prevent the dealers from adding the outrageous $10-20k “Adjusted” markups?


Will we be able to build/option these out on the same day the horsepower locater is live?


“Last Call vehicles will be built at the brand’s discretion and shipped to pre-selected dealerships, so there is no means for a customer to order one in advance”. Are you kidding me?? I can just see it now…it’ll be a race to see which dealership can mark up these cars the most!


where do you find the Horsepower Locator?


When do you anticipate orders will open?