GreenLight Collectibles to Debut Current Dodge Challenger in 2023

GreenLight Collectibles is known in the die-cast world as one of the brands that offers the most detailed and the most properly proportioned small-scale cars on the market, with a long list of classic and modern Dodge Brand cars, trucks and SUVs. Most recently, GreenLight introduced a Charger SRT® Hellcat in the Gulf Racing livery as the first of the new Collector Driven series and over the past few years, the brand has offered a wide variety of SRT Hellcat Chargers, but no SRT Hellcat Challenger. In fact, while the company has a collection of 2008-2014 Challengers to go with the massive spread of Chargers from 2006 onward, the company does not offer the current generation of the legendary Dodge muscle car.

However, that is about to change in 2023.

We recently spoke with Russell Hughes, President of GreenLight Collectibles, and while doing so, we inquired about the possibility of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat coming down their pipeline in the near future. As a major collector of all small-scale Dodge die-cast cars and the owner of an SRT Hellcat Challenger, I have my own obvious reasons for wanting to see the brand that my wife and I collect the most offering a car similar to ours. On a broader scale, there is no question that the modern Challenger – with models like the Scat Pack, SRT Hellcat, Redeye and Demon – has immense collector interest. Many people who own one of these Challengers collect the small versions and many other people who dream of owning a modern Challenger collect die-cast versions until they can afford the real thing.

Fortunately, Mr. Hughes has good news for Dodge Challenger collectors. In fact, it is incredible news, as they won’t just be offering an SRT Hellcat soon, but the majority of the trim level lineup – including widebody models and the mighty SRT Demon.

“GreenLight has committed to tooling a 1:64 scale 2015-2022 Dodge Challenger for release in 2023. As a part of our Job Bag, which is something we prepare prior to tooling, we have made sure to include all of the parts necessary to manufacture SXT & GT, T/A, R/T, R/T Classic, R/T Scat Pack, SRT Hellcat and SRT Hellcat Redeye,” said Hughes. “Furthermore, we have committed to the widebody & Demon parts, so this will be a fairly complex 1:64 scale tool.”

Once the 2015-2022 Dodge Challenger models arrive in the company’s portfolio of products, GreenLight Collectibles will have the most extensive collection of modern Dodge models in today’s market. As mentioned above, GreenLight already offers a ton of 2008-2014 Challengers along with a long list of Chargers from 2006 to the current models. No other die-cast/ toy car manufacturer offers as many modern Dodge muscle cars in small scale and with GreenLight offering such attention to detail, collectors have a nice spread of high-quality 1:64 models from which to pick. For those wondering, GreenLight Collectibles typically cost around $5-7 at your local big box retailer.

Challenger SRT Hellcat and More Coming from GreenLight

In addition to the big news on the arrival of the 2015-2022 Dodge Challenger coming to the GreenLight Collectibles portfolio, Hughes shared some other information on Dodge-related news for the 2023 calendar.

“We’ve recently tooled a 1:64 scale 1945-1950 Dodge Power Wagon that will be inserted into the GreenLight lineup starting with mid-year 2023 releases. We’ve also added to our 1:64 scale 2018+ Ram 3500 Dually by adding a new front bumper with grille guard and headache rack. There is also a 1:64 scale 1981-1993 Dodge Ram W250/W350, which was tooled to include monster truck parts that is currently in production for several initial releases.”

Finally, Hughes explained that there will be plenty of Dodge products in the various model lines for 2023, including their 1:64 California Lowriders, 1:64 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, 1:64 Woodward Dream Cruise, 1:64 Smokey Bear, 1:64 Fire & Rescue, 1:64 First Responders and 1:64 Showroom Floor.

In short, if you collect small-scale Dodge Brand cars, GreenLight Collectibles is going to have a ton of exciting new products coming to market over the course of the next year; and if you drive a newer Challenger, there is a chance that a car very much like yours (and mine) will soon be available from this premium die-cast brand.



facelift Durango? trx? i wouldnt say premium diecast cause i every time i buy one it’s either the wheels comes very bent up every thing brakes when taking it out the package. everything is b graded not been good over the years


Greenlight IS NOT known for the “details” in the diecast world!
Absolutely would need to see this in person before ever paying for one. I’ve been collecting for 35+ years and GL in 1/18th scale I do not recommend.