Dom’s Dodge Charger is the Coolest Popcorn Vessel Ever

The Dodge brand has played a key role in all of the Fast and Furious series movies, but show-goers who went to select AMC Theaters to see the latest installment – Fast X – got a special surprise. AMC Theaters offered an exclusive “collectible popcorn vessel” shaped like Dominic Toretto’s classic Dodge Charger that has appeared in the majority of the films in the series.

The debut of Fast X was celebrated with a variety of uniquely branded items, from simple cardboard popcorn buckets to metal “tool boxes” to the Dodge Charger popcorn vessel shown here. The simple cardboard buckets emblazoned with Dom’s Charger were available at many theaters with the purchase of a large popcorn, while the metal tool box was offered at select Cinemark theaters for $20.

As for the popcorn vessel shaped like Dom’s Dodge Charger, it was offered only through select AMC Theaters on May 18th and with a purchase price of $49.99, it is pricier than your average movie souvenir. However, for hardcore Dodge collectors or anyone who collects items related to the Fast and Furious franchise, this is the coolest item that was offered on the night of the Fast X debut.

The Dom’s Dodge Charger collectible popcorn vessel is around the size of a 1/18 scale car with Vin Diesel’s likeness on the officially licensed Dodge packaging. Like the classic muscle car in the movies, it is painted black with a supercharger sticking up through the hood, big brakes and wheels that look a great deal like the rollers from the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8.

This 1970 Dodge Charger has a roof, windows and trunk lid that are all one piece and hinged at the rear, allowing the top of the car to open up to hold up to 130 ounces of popcorn. The wheels also turn, so in addition to being the world’s coolest popcorn vessel sold at a theater, it can also serve as a toy for the kids – albeit a somewhat expensive one. Mine will be preserved as a collectible in its original packaging, along with the unopened pack of collectible Fast X cards that came with the Dodge Charger popcorn vessel.

If you didn’t go to an AMC Theater to see Fast X on May 18th or you weren’t able to find someone to drop by one of the participating theaters and pick one up for you, there is still a chance to score one of these Dodge Charger popcorn containers for your own collection. The AMC Theaters Merchandise website is offering the remaining inventory of the world’s coolest popcorn vessels for the same $49.99 price as the theaters. The key difference in buying one online is that you will have to pay shipping, but seeing as how most people who bought one of these collectible Dodge Chargers also bought a ticket to see Fast X – buying one online will likely end up costing less than the price of the movie and the popcorn vessel.

There is no indication as to how many of these 1970 Dodge Charger Fast X collectible popcorn containers were produced. We do know that they are limited and similar items in the past have sold out, so if you really want one for your collection, you may want to act quickly. They are also on eBay, but the units being sold on the auction site appear to be going for $80-$100, if not more.