Enter Atturo Drag Radials into the Mix

During the 2023 SEMA show, an unsuspecting tire company enters the drag radial market and its entrance has the racing community buzzing. To understand why this is such a big deal, you need to know developing a successful DOT drag radial isn’t as easy as it may sound, so not only is this a big deal for the tire industry, but also the racing community. The drag racer is a different type of racer and they’re not looking for just any DOT tire. NOPE! The best DOT drag radial tire, the “Rolex” of all drag radials, is all that is acceptable for these go-fast creatures. Luckily for us, Hot Rod was at the SEMA show and discovered this diamond in the rough amongst the sea of vendor booths and had a lot of questions and Atturo’s Sales Director George Lugo had the answers. We’re not saying Atturo is the best DOT drag radial, just that it’s a new contender in the market. For all you drag racers out there, let us know if this is a game-changer to your quest for the quickest quarter-mile.

Photo credit: motortrend.com | Johnny Hunkins

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